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Why Affiliate Marketing is ideal to start in the online world

The desire to earn money while you sleep is still just a dream for 99% of people.

Because? The reasons behind that are numerous. But one of them is definitely not trying all the available tools, and not taking advantage of the business opportunities offered by the digital world.

Today, in the era of democratization of information and access to the Internet, it is very important to use a variety of online instruments to generate income, and the affiliate marketing is definitely one of the most efficient.

Affiliate marketing, a very profitable business

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to earn money online and increase your brand awareness.

This industry is worth more than 17 billion dollars, which makes it very attractive for anyone who wants to dabble in it.

This method of promoting products and services online has become one of the marketing tools most effective for advertisers over the last 10 years.

In addition, it is an excellent source of stable income for millions of affiliates around the world.

Why is affiliate marketing booming?

Now that you know the value of this industry, let’s see why it’s getting so much attention.

Affiliate marketing is performance-based, which means that advertisers pay only for actual actions taken by users (purchases, installations, subscriptions, registrations).

Website owners (also called “publishers” or “affiliates”) earn money every time a user clicks on their affiliate link and takes a specific action.

Advantages of affiliate marketing for businesses

No strict conditions

Affiliate marketing is safe and cheap. Advertisers pay only when they get real results, that is, specific actions completed.

audience growth

By working with affiliates that have hundreds of thousands of readers, viewers, or subscribers, you can easily expand your audience, especially with a long-term perspective.

Brand recognition

Affiliates with a target audience will most likely advertise their products and services in the same tone as you do. Thus, they will quickly become your ambassadors, strengthening your recognition in the market.

High return on investment

By being an advertiser, you not only minimize advertising costs, but also earn in terms of revenue.

On average, good content can generate 3 times more leads than ads and cost up to 60% less.

That’s why affiliate marketing is said to have a higher return on investment (ROI) than traditional marketing methods and that’s why so many companies are trying it.

Publisher Membership Benefits

create an affiliate marketing website

performance based

As we already mentioned, affiliate marketing is based on performance.

What does this mean? That the more clicks your audience generates on your affiliate links, and continues with the actual targeted actions, the more money you will earn.

This brings flexibility to your work schedule and balance between work and personal life, because you become your own boss.

Compared to a regular salaried position with no overtime pay, where you are paid the same whether you work 40 hours a week or 70, affiliate marketing can be a great solution.

low entry barriers

This benefit is about being able to have your own business, without having to deal with customer service, delivery and supply.

If you’re strong in sales, affiliate marketing is a great way to start earning without having to invest in business operations.

Besides, you can change your market niche without losswhich is not so easy when working in any kind of retail or service related business.


Affiliate marketing is all about being flexible in your approaches, and being able to quickly adapt to a changing situation. The digital world can change in a day and, consequently, the markets and the needs of the people too.

It sounds like a challenge, but it’s actually a set of opportunities. You can try various niche markets and various marketing channels, because affiliate marketing combines hundreds of different forms of promotion, and this number will only grow.

You don’t have to stick to the same old methods, just because they work for someone else. You can go ahead and try other ways. There are no limits for you!

Learn as you go

Every entrepreneur who got into affiliate marketing learned everything in the process. Even millionaire affiliates started from scratchso you can too!

There are tons of learning materials online: blogs, news of indoleads with numerous articles for newbies, forums and online courses, etc.

Of course, having some background in technology or marketing will always be a huge plus, but if you’re determined to keep learning and succeed, you’ll be fine.

Remember that, in affiliate marketing, it is crucial to stay up to date on everything that is happening in the world, and in the countries with your target audience.

That is why working in affiliate marketing will only motivate you to identify new trends and guide your marketing strategy accordingly.

sustainable income

Affiliate marketing is based on trust. The more your audience trusts your business, the more you can earn by promoting high-quality, relevant products and services to your audience.

To earn the trust of users, you will need to create useful content. While it’s not as easy as it sounds, providing great content on a regular basis is one of the keys to success.

The bigger your audience, the more business opportunities there are for monetization and for turning your promotions into a stable income stream.

Once you build a reputation as a trusted source of information, your audience will remain loyal and consistent.

It will most likely not be an overnight success, but a step by step path, but millions of successful affiliates have already gone down that path.

Why work with the affiliate network? We give you an example

how does Indoleads affiliate marketing work

For this, we invite you to answer this question: How should you choose a reliable partner to start your affiliate marketing journey?

If you are familiar with managing a website or blogging, you know that time is money. In the beginning, you have to spend time building everything from scratch, creating interesting content and attracting an audience.

When your niche website or blog has finally started generating traffic, you can’t relax. On the contrary, you need to work even more:

  • generate new ideas,
  • Be aware of new trends and,
  • Observe what your competitors do.

In addition to this, you will have to spend your time searching for advertisers and affiliate programs. If you have a team, that’s doable, but if you’re working alone, it can be too much.

The same applies if you are a business owner:

To launch your own affiliate marketing program, you need to hire tech professionals and control the entire process, which means a lot of precious time that, let’s be honest, no one has!

And here comes an affiliate link.

What is an affiliate network and what is it for?

how to sell online affiliate marketing

An affiliate network links advertisers and publishers. Its main function is similar to that of a dating agency, making it possible for both advertisers and publishers to meet and achieve their goals.

In reality, this network does all the hard work creating associations and endorsing companies and brands, giving its affiliates unique access to the products and services that would fit organically with their online projects and make them money.

However, choosing a reliable affiliate network is not easy.

To choose the most appropriate, you must keep in mind three criteria:

  • A wide range of affiliate programs,
  • transparency and,
  • Flexibility in payment methods.

The affiliate network indoleads it brings them all together and has so much more to offer.

indoleads is a premium CPA affiliate network based in Kuala Lumpur with local offices in Brazil, Vietnam, India, Russia, and Hong Kong.

The benefits of working with them include:

  • More than 2000 offers from more than 180 countries.
  • The best offers from the best advertisers: Aliexpress, Lazada, Nike, Lacoste, Electrolux, Samsung, Adobe and many more
  • exclusive offers
  • Variety of verticals: eCommerce, crypto, finance, gaming, software, travel, and many more
  • High CTR from 8%
  • eCPM on average $9.7
  • Dedicated personal affiliate managers for each affiliate
  • weekly automatic payments
  • Flexible payment methods

Why customers and affiliates choose indoleads?

The fundamental principles of the company are the use of the most effective marketing tools to achieve the commercial growth objectives established by the clients, as well as thel Interest created from affiliates, which is maintained thanks to the transparency of statistics and payments.

This is what attracts new advertisers and affiliates. Both advertisers and affiliates are on different sides of online promotion, but in fact they are united by a common goal, because the long-term success of one is impossible without the success of the other.

Many networks try to focus on only one side, infringing on advertisers or affiliates. indoleads always strives for the best results for all parties, as this is the only way to guarantee the best results.

Join to indoleads right now to get access to thousands of affiliate programs or to increase your brand awareness through the network of over 60,000 top publishers!

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