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Why 4 Zodiac Signs Will Be More Confused Than Ever Until October

Of all the zodiac signs, 4 will be more confused than ever from now until the beginning of October. According to astrological predictions, the main responsible is the phenomenon known as Mercury retrograde that began on September 9 and will end until the 2nd of next month.

A retrograde in astrology refers to when a planet appears to orbit slower and even gives the illusion of going backwards. This is only an optical effect due to our position on Earth, however, astrologers say that it has effects on us that will depend on the star involved.

Mercury is in charge of all communication systemsfrom our words to technology, so its retrograde is one of the most influential.

While this transit affects all 12 zodiac signs, there are some who will be particularly confused while it is in effect.. Next, we tell you who they are, as astrologers explained to the StyleCaster.com site, where they also revealed some tips to overcome this uncomfortable period.

The retrograde transit of Mercury will force you to coldly analyze the people with whom you share your life. You could realize that they were not what you expected because there are traumas from the past that you have not been able to overcome and this transit will make you face them. So he can expect misunderstandings and some arguments. As if that were not enough, some ex-partner will appear in your life again and will cause a short circuit in your normal flow of energy.

Your love life could be put on pause with this retrograde. If he has a partner, things will not progress as he would like and he will miss the passion, which will obviously make him feel confused. Mercury retrograde will change the way he expresses his feelings, so if he’s single he might draw attention from past romances. It will be time to make positive decisions and leave bad habits behind.

You will rethink the way you relate to material goods, that is, you will realize that there are things that have real value and it will encourage you to reorganize your finances. On the other hand, you will feel that you cannot communicate effectively or convey his views clearly; this will make you feel frustrated.

You will feel that you are not reflecting your true self to the world so you will not feel attractive. It will be time to practice self-love, after all, it is only a passing effect. As the end of September approaches, emotions from the past and repressed feelings will begin to surface again, which will cause confusion in his life.

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