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Who will have access to new Caixa loans?

Users who have a digital account will have access to the Caixa Tem loan and all the microcredit rules will be announced in September. The proposal for these loans will be directed, according to the bank’s president, to people who have digital savings accounts.

However, only those who receive Emergency Aid will have access to loans, that is, other people who do not have a Caixa Tem account will be excluded from this method to be adopted in the near future.

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What will the credit values ​​be?

The amounts can range from R$500.00 to R$3,000, pre-approved and with the possibility of paying between 18 and 24 months. To make the request, the interested party must access the application box has??

This credit will be offered to around 30 million people. Another interesting point is that the person who hired the microcredit will see all the amounts of the installments to be paid.

Source/Reproduction: Portal Caixa Tem

According to the president of the bank, these amounts would replace the installments of Emergency Aid, which will end in November.

People want ease in dealing with the bureaucratic part of loans, therefore, through the application there will be various information about amounts, interest and payment dates of microcredit.

What is Caixa Tem used for?

Caixa Tem is a digital savings account that accepts payments for Emergency Assistance, Bolsa Família, Emergency FGTS Withdrawal and PIS allowance.

This application can be used for various purposes, such as: transferring money, paying for purchases online with a virtual debit card, paying bills and slips, using the PIX, allowing you to consult your statement, paying at the machine, withdrawing without a card, information on earnings, transport and telephone top-up and finally, financial tips.

End of Emergency Aid

Emergency Aid will come to an end in November with payments and a new social program will be introduced in its place. Brazil Aid. It takes the place of Bolsa Família and its values ​​will be increased so that more people can benefit.

However, to be eligible for Auxílio Brasil payments, heads of household must update their registration at the nearest CadÚnico or CRAS.

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