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who will be exempt from the tax?

The IPVA is the annual commitment that, since 1986, Brazilian vehicle owners have with their states. The amount collected is not only with the state government, it is also directed to the municipality where the vehicle was licensed and to the Federal Government.

Its conversion into service goes beyond transit, as it can be used to promote improvements in education and health, for example.

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How does the IPVA exemption work?

But the point is that not everyone needs to pay the IPVA. Many people, depending on some specific criteria, are exempt from this tax. For example, vehicles linked to public authorities, unions, foundations, religious temples, educational institutions, do not need to be accountable with the IPVA. Also part of this group are owners of agricultural machinery, embassy vehicles, consuls, diplomats, among others.

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In the case of the majority of the population, which is not part of the set of examples above, some cases are also expected to be exempt from payment. Carriers of some specific health problems, such as Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, lymphomas, injuries with physical sequelae, visual impairment, degenerative diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, autism and neurological diseases, for example.

An important point is that, as it is a state tax, the exemption criteria generally vary between locations. So you need to be aware of the rules of your state.

Which cars will be exempt from IPVA 2022?

Another way of establishing who is exempt from IPVA 2022 is taking into account the year of manufacture of the vehicle. Again, it’s important to be aware, because this also varies depending on the state in which the vehicle is licensed.

Which cars will be exempt from IPVA 2022?
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States like Rio Grande do Norte and Acre, for example, exempt vehicles with 10 years or more of manufacture. In others, such as Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Tocantins and Piauí, this minimum number rises to 15 years. In Paraná and São Paulo, it is 20 years.

How to check who has a discount on IPVA 2022?

To find out whether or not you need to pay IPVA 2022, just check your state’s DETRAN website. There you can also check information on the payment of the tax, in case of non-exemption of the same.

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