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Who was Charlie, for whom TikTok is mourning? • ENTER.CO

On the night of this Monday, August 22, the followers of Carlos Sarriá, better known as “Charlie”, received the news that the tiktoker had passed away. Now, if you enter TikTok you will notice an atmosphere of mourning, because the creator was very fond of the platform for showing a facet of his life that demonstrated his fight against a serious (and common) disease: cancer.

Who was Charlie?

Carlos Sarriá was a young man of only 20 years old who entered the world of social networks as an influencer since December 2020. Initially, he started making random videos of his daily life; at that time, Charlie’s cancer was ‘under control’. Some time later, the cancer attacked again and this was shown in its content.

why did he become famous?

Well, as we have mentioned, its content mainly made visible how someone with cancer can also live a normal life crossed by laughter and positivism. However, Charlie also made videos with his girlfriend Lanenah, another influencer; Their relationship ended up also becoming a benchmark of struggle, respect and unconditional love.

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What was the cancer that attacked Charlie?

Ewing’s sarcoma is the name of the cancer that Charlie suffered from, which was diagnosed four years ago (at the age of 16). This disease presents as a malignant bone tumor that precisely attacks mainly children and young people. According to the National Cancer Institute (NIH), the survival rate is 82%, as long as the tumor has a single place of origin. Otherwise, the chances of life decrease to 67%. Unfortunately, this was the content creator’s fourth relapse.

Other details about Charlie and his death

The news of his death was announced through his official TikTok account, where he already had 2.3 million followers. “Goodbye dogs, see you in the afterlife.” They were the words that accompanied the video where you could read “Thank you for everything, you have made me very happy (Charlie 2002-2022)” thus announcing the influencer’s death. The video also shows a sequence of memorable moments that reflect the essence of Charlie. After the news broke, his followers increased to 3.7 million.

@charrliiieeee Goodbye dogs, see you in the afterlife.♬ original sound – Charlieee

Image: Instagram @Charrliieeeeee

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