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Who is Titania? She-Hulk’s new villain • ENTER.CO

The next MCU series to make its Disney+ debut is She-Hulk, and the new trailer proved for us that the upcoming show will see quite a few MCU characters make their debut or return to this universe. And a new face that many may not recognize is that of the villain who at some point in the trailer breaks through the walls of a courtroom to confront Jennifer Walters. It is none other than Titania (not to be confused with the name that the Latin translation gave to Rogue from the X-Men): She-Hulk’s new villain

from zero to villain

Originally, Titania was nothing more than Mary McPherran: a saleswoman without powers and much shorter and weaker than most people. With a complex about her height and natural weakness, Mary grows up admiring people with powers and even lies at some point about her own life by assuring her best friend that she is secretly Spider-Woman (in reality, the mantle at that time it is used by Julia Carpenter).

Mary’s dream comes true in the worst possible way. When fragments of the earth are used to form the Battleworld dimension and pit heroes and villains from different dimensions against each other, Mary is one of the civilians who is drawn into this disaster. At some point she is intercepted by Dr. Doom who offers her a deal: become one of her pawns and acquire new powers or die in the middle of the crossover war between supers. Mary accepts the deal.

Through a procedure, she acquires powers that make her the complete opposite of what she was before: she grows up and gains superhuman stamina and strength. She then begins her career as a villain facing some of the heroes, among which is She-Hulk whom she, in fact, defeats and ends up capturing. This would not prevent him from later developing a natural hatred towards her, even when it was another hero (Spider-Man) who defeated her and showed that what she had in strength she lacked in experience.

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Titania remains a minor villain, primarily serving as She-Hulk’s rival but eventually showing that behind her façade she still hid the natural fears of her life as Mary. For example, there is a story where she discovers that she has cancer and creates a special bond with Jane Foster who agrees to help her through treatment.

Who will play Titania in the MCU?

The actress selected to play the villain in the MCU is Jameela Jamil. The actress will surely be remembered by many for her role in The Good Place as Tahani Al-Jamil.

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