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For a series of just six chapters, Ms. Marvel has managed to pack a considerable amount of references into the few chapters it does have. The most recent episode, in fact, feels a bit saturated with information. He even takes the time to introduce us to a new MCU vigilante: The Red Dagger.

And, although for now his participation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to be minimal, at ENTER.CO we thought it would be interesting to tell you a little more about him.

the hero of karachi

As in the Disney+ series, the Red Dagger is Kareem’s alter ego. But unlike the show, it’s not about some name passed down through generations. Instead, it is about a young man who decides to become a vigilante in his town. In fact, what’s interesting is that his abilities didn’t come from some mystical training he learned how to throw his daggers by watching videos online.

The Red Dagger made its first appearance in Ms. Marvel Vol. 4 #12 (October 2016). This issue takes place shortly after the events of Civil War (the second version, this time between Captain Marvel and Iron Man) with Kamala having an identity crisis after the entire world has now recognized her place among the heroes. most powerful on the planet. Her response is to take a trip to the world which takes her to the streets of Karachi, Pakistan.

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There Ms. Marvel tries to stop a group of bandits. But, unknown to the local situation, heroin puts the city’s water at risk. This leads to her first confrontation with the Red Dagger who meets the situation and berates Kamala for acting in unfamiliar settings without first introducing herself to the local heroes and better understanding who she is seeking to protect.

Kareem eventually travels to the United States as an exchange student and it is revealed that his mother is an old school friend of Kamala’s aunt. Thanks to this, both establish a friendly relationship and even collaborate by stopping some villains. Kareem ends up developing feelings for Kamala and proposes to her, however, she rejects him stating that at the time he had a lot more to pay attention to and couldn’t commit to a relationship at the moment.

the red dagger

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