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Okay. This was a surprise. It turns out that the Leader is the villain of the next Captain America movie, not She-Hulk.

We say this because until a week ago a good part of the Marvel fandom was convinced that the villain was the person behind the threads in the most recent Disney + series. However, during the presentation panel for Captain America New Order, the first tape of the character that will feature Anthony Mackie as the New Captain

The first thing is that it is not confirmed that The Leader is not going to be She-Hulk’s villain. There aren’t many other enemies that are obsessed with blood from him. In fact, the announcement may just be anticipating the surprise for when this series collides with the next Captain’s movie.

The other thing that’s important to mention is that Marvel decided to bring in the same actor who played the villain (or at least the version he was before the accident that made him the Leader). Tim Blake Nelson will return to the role, which is not surprising considering Marvel’s most recent policy of trying to acknowledge those films that, for one reason or another, have been largely ignored within the MCU’s chronology.

The question now is: Who is the Leader?

l’s villain is that he made an appearance as a secondary enemy in the 2008 Incredible Hulk movie (a movie in which Tim Roth’s Abomination also appeared). In this movie Stern was a scientist who was looking to create a cure for Bruce Banner. He eventually manages to create a serum, but not to cure Banner but to create other similar monsters. It is this drug that (combined with others that Blonsky was taking) make him the Abomination.

Unfortunately, during the transformation, Stern receives some of Banner’s blood through an open head wound. At that moment his head begins to grow while he begins to mutate… unfortunately it is the last time we see him appear in the MCU.

In the comics, the origin of The Leader is somewhat different. He is about a chemical plant worker who is involved in an accident that exposes him to gamma radiation. When he wakes up, he has mutated into a being with green skin, similar to that of the Hulk family, but instead of this he has a superhuman intelligence, which is reinforced by the size of his head, which is several times larger than the Hulk’s. that of a normal person. Henceforth the Leader would create a special rivalry with the Hulk, seeing him as his main enemy and usually making him the target of his plans to eliminate him or use him as the test subject.

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