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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will be the last movie the current team will have. With the confirmation that most of the actors have no plans to return in the near future (Dave Bautista and Chirs Pratt, for example, assuring that this is their farewell to the MCU) many would expect that Marvel will use a villain at the height of this graduation. And finally we have confirmation of who will be the ‘bad guy’ in the film: we present to you the High Evolutionary.

Who is the High Evolutionary in the comics?

In the comics, the High Evolutionary starts out as a human born on earth in the 1900s with the name Herbert Wyndham. By 1920 he was so obsessed with the idea of ​​genetics that he had started conducting his own experiments, for example evolving rats in the basement of his parents’ house. Later Wyndham would be contacted by an Inhuman who would give him clues to finish unlocking the secrets of the genetic codes.

Here is one of the most important references and links in The High Evolutionary: at some point in her life, her daughter Jessica Wyndhham gets sick and her father decides to use a special spider serum, along with his own evolutionary technology. The result is that Jessica gains spider powers and would eventually become the hero known as Spider-Woman.

Herbert is not so lucky. After his wife is killed, he decides to create armor to protect himself from him and then evolve some animals to create his own army. These experiments would end up creating clashes with other heroes so that eventually the High Evolutionary would leave earth and take his colony of hybrids into space (although he would come back and create new colonies on earth).

The curious thing about The High Evolutionary is that he is not a villain… at least in the traditional sense. His mission is not to conquer the earth or even create these hybrids to gain power, but simply to create the next stage in human evolution. Unfortunately, some of these plans eventually include the eradication of (lower) humans…

What will be the story of The High Evolutionary in the MCU?

During the panel at San Diego Comic Con it was revealed that in his film version the High Evolutionary’s origins will be altered to more closely match his ‘space’ version. Something that was made clear is that his motivations and appearance will be related to Rocket’s origin and will even expand to relationships with the rest of the guardians. Considering that Adam Warlock will also appear in this film, we can be sure that the High Evolutionary will end up interested in this perfect creation and ready to eliminate the guardians.

“The High Evolutionary, who has been around for eons, is actually connected to a lot of the characters in this movie. I’ve been seeing a lot about Rocket specifically, but really, he’s connected to a lot of people. Let’s just say he affects a lot of people’s lives in a not-so-pleasant way.”

Who plays The High Evolutionary in the MCU?

In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 the villain will be played by Chukwudi Iwuji. The actor has worked with James Gunn before, as Agent Clemson Murn, a mercenary who actually turned out to be an insect alien occupying a human body (a sentence that doesn’t make much sense unless you’ve seen Peacemaker).

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