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Who is Spot? The Villain of ‘Across the Spider-Verse’ • ENTER.CO

This week Sony Pictures gave us a new update on Across the Spider-Verse, the sequel to the animated movie that made the multiverse cool long before the MCU. The announcement presented us with a new image of the film and, incidentally, revealed to us who will be one of the villains that we will see in the sequel: The Spot.

Although ‘Across the Spider-Verse’ is still a long way from reaching our screens, it seemed prudent to review this character from now on:

Ridiculous name: powerful villain

Before being The Spot, Jonathan Ohnn was a scientist under the orders of the Kingpin. Divorced father, before the accident Ohnn was not particularly nice or had an impressive moral compass. However, the Kingpin gave him a rather important mission: to recreate Cloak’s ability to create portals. Ohnn succeeds, however his masterpiece is destabilized and he ends up creating a mess. To escape he ends up entering this portal and what he finds is a completely different dimension of black and white.

Ohnn somehow manages to escape, but realizes that his body has undergone a major transformation. The most important is that the black portals of the dimension have stuck to his body.

The Spot

With the ability to transport himself and others using the portals on his body, Ohnn takes on the identity of The Spot. This eventually leads to him clashing with Spider-Man and after his defeat he became a semi-regular enemy of Peter Parker.

Eventually Carnage, the symbiote, wanted to take his ability for himself. After a fight in Spot’s lab he is apparently killed when Cargnage rips him apart and takes the powers from him. However, the Spot’s head ensured that the villain would return from this dimension at any moment.

powers and abilities

The Spot may not have one of the best names, but he’s a pretty annoying villain to deal with. For example, he can freely travel between our dimension and the one his powers come from with ease using one of his portals.

This is not limited to transportation. Due to the portals being on his body, The Sport is invulnerable to most physical damage due to hits only passing through one of his portals, even reflecting damage to other enemies.

Perhaps one of The Spot’s most impressive powers is that he is apparently immortal. After his body is literally ripped apart by Carnage, his head retained the ability to speak and even hinted that he could reconstitute his body.

Images: Marvel comics

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