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Who is Sandra Milena Urrutia Pérez, the new ICT Minister of Colombia? • ENTER.CO

Colombia has a new ICT Minister and at ENTER.CO we present a profile of Sandra Milena Urrutia Perez.

It took 23 days longer than expected. But Colombia finally has someone in charge of the ICT Ministry. President Gustavo Petro appointed this week Sandra Milena Urrutia Perez as Colombia’s new ICT minister.

If this time things go well, this is a name that Colombians will have to get used to. The new ICT minister has some pretty important issues to coordinate. There is, for example, the auction and implementation of 5G networks, as well as President Petro’s plan to extend Internet connectivity to rural areas of the country or the continuation of various digital entrepreneurship programs.

Who is then Milena Urrutia Pérez?

Chosen from the shortlist

Urrutia Perez did not arrive unexpectedly. The new ICT minister was part of the options presented by the Partido de la U. At that time, her inclusion was justified by mentioning her experience within the Vice Ministry of Technologies, the ANTV National Television Agency and her history in the Superintendence of Public Services.

Academic experience

The new ICT Minister is a lawyer who graduated from the University of Boyacá in 2002. After this, Urrutia Perez completed a specialization in telecommunications law at the Universidad del Rosario in 2003 and then a master’s degree in administrative law at the Universidad Externado de Colombia. .

Experience in public office

Much of Sandra Milena Urrutia Perez’s career is in the Superintendency of Residential Public Services, where she initially worked from 2002 to 2009, when she retired as Director of Investigations. In a very simplified way, her role at this time was to direct a legal unit in charge of carrying out control actions to the companies providing Basic Public Switched Telephony (TPBC).

In 2013 and for a year, Urrutia Perez returned to the Superintendency of Residential Public Services, this time as Advisor to the Technical Directorate of Energy. In 2009 she worked as coordinator of internal control, postal services and conflict resolution for the Communications Regulation Commission of Colombia, in which she was in charge of providing legal advice to the entity for the implementation of control processes.

In 2012 the new MinTIC worked in the (liquidated) National Television Authority (ANTV) first as Coordinator of Surveillance, Control and Follow-up of the National Television Authority and then as Director in charge of the entity. The important context is that this was the same year in which the National Television Authority and the National Spectrum Agency were created through Law 1507 of 2012. This is the same entity that sued Programar Televisión and that removed Mery Gutiérrez of President Petro’s cabinet.

Finally, Urrutia Perez has previous experience in the ICT Ministry when in 2016 she worked for 2 years and eight months as a legal advisor for the Vice Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies, at that time with David Luna as ICT Minister and Daniel Quintero as Vice Minister. Vice Minister of Information Technologies.

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