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Who is Mery Gutiérrez, the new MinTIC appointed by Petro? • ENTER.CO

President Gustavo Petro appointed who will be the new MinTIC in his administration. But, who is Mery Gutiérrez? Here we tell you.

Mery Gutiérrez is a lawyer from the Universidad de los Andes, she also has a specialization in new information technologies from the Universidad Externado de Colombia. She also has studies in contractual law and business legal relations, and training in Business Law from the Universidad de los Andes. She is the one who will now have the task of directing the ICT Ministry. This lawyer will have the task of managing one of the most important ministries in the country, with a series of challenges that come from the previous administration, such as the case of Populated Centers.

Mery Gutiérrez has had the experience of managing Programar TV for a decade, an audiovisual production company that has worked for ESPN, Nat Geo, Netflix and Sony Pictures, and was also a member of the splicing commission specifically for the audiovisual sector.

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The challenges facing Mery Gutiérrez

One of Gutiérrez’s main challenges will be the case of Populated Centers, in this case the $70,000 million stolen by Unión Temporal have not yet been recovered (money that is sought to be recovered through domain forfeiture). The Digital Centers project, which was born with Iván Duque, seeks to bring the Internet to remote areas of Colombia. It currently works with operators with experience in telecommunications such as Claro, ETB and Sky NET.

Additionally. Mery Gutiérrez will be directed to design actions that help mitigate the connectivity gap in the country. In this sense, the arrival of companies such as Starlink and Hughesnet will be great allies to achieve this. This is because with its technology it will be possible to reach areas of difficult access where it is not possible to reach with fiber optics or antennas. A task entrusted by Gustavo Petro when making the appointment is that the new minister work so that children and young people have access to the internet.

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