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Who is Eternity? The new ‘deity’ of the MCU • ENTER.CO

The latest Marvel movies have devoted quite a bit of time to the most powerful beings in the universe. We have Kang the Conqueror in Loki, the Celestials in Eternals or the Observer in What If. Thor: Love and Thunder now increases the number of gods and perhaps one of the most important is Eternity.

Who is Eternity in MCU?

The Love and Thunder movie doesn’t go into much detail about the origin and only states that it is an entity as old as the cosmos itself that is behind a door in the center of the universe. Marvel then uses Eternity to create a motivation in the story, ensuring that Eternity is able to grant a wish to the first person who reaches for it.

At the end of the film, the story concludes with Gorr’s ‘daughter’ apparently alive, albeit fused with Eternity such that she possesses some of its powers and is even able to use Storm Breaker.

Who is Eternity in Marvel comics?

It is difficult to explain exactly what Eternity is. But we can do it using ‘Multiverse of Madness’. In this movie we are introduced to ‘incursions’ which are events when a multiverse is destroyed due to the constant entry of people or elements that do not belong to it.

Well, Eternity is the result of all the cosmos and multiverse being destroyed after the seventh iteration of the cosmos and the multiverse were destroyed in an inclusion (although a good part of the cosmos ended up being transferred to the eighth cosmos, thanks to the intervention of the marvel heroes). In other words, Eternity is the same representation of everything that exists in the universe.

This, of course, makes him one of the most powerful beings in the entire cosmos. Eternity, for example, proved the ability to create manifestations of itself from its cells that were capable of reproducing and using all the powers and abilities of the cosmos. Eternity doesn’t really have any weaknesses or even a scale of power that we can compare to.

Who is the reincarnation of Eternity?

This is one of the new things that Marvel brought in their most recent movie. As we mentioned before, in the Eternity comics he is able to create manifestations of himself through his cells so that he can ‘experience’ the cosmos. But none of these manifestations is similar to Love nor is there a character with this name (there are many who have been ‘reincarnations’ or ‘avatars’ of gods, but never Entity).

Perhaps the most curious fact of the film is that Love is actually the daughter of Thor… or rather of actor Chis Hemsworth. India Rose Hemsworth is the actress who plays Love, which undoubtedly adds a little more personal touch to the new adventure that she now has as Uncle Thor.

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