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who is entitled to discounts on water, electricity, gas and Internet

Social energy tariff

on electricity

Access to the social energy tariff is, as we said, done automatically by the General Directorate of Energy and Geology (DGEG). This entity cross-checks the data received with the eligibility conditions of customers with the Tax and Customs Authority (AT) and Social Security (SS).

If certain criteria are met then automatically there will be a discount on the monthly bill. Still, if you think you should also have access, you can always apply to the SS or AT proof of your status as a beneficiary and present it to the energy supplier.

And what eligibility conditions are these?

In the case of electricity, you must have an energy supply contract.ielectric in its name, intended exclusively for domestic use in permanent housing and a electrical power contracted at normal low voltage equal to or less than 6.9kVA. Likewise, you must receive from Social Security one of the following supports:

  • Solidarity supplement for the elderly;
  • Social Insertion Income;
  • Unemployment benefit or social unemployment benefit;
  • Family allowance (all levels give access to the social electricity tariff);
  • First tier of family allowance (gives access to the social gas tariff);
  • Social disability pension or social inclusion benefit;
  • Social old-age pension (only gives access to the social electricity tariff).

In addition, and as with the social water tariff, if the total annual income of the household is equal to or less than 6,272.64 euros, you may have an additional 50% discount for each member of the household who has no income, including itself, up to a maximum of 10.

The discount to be applied is determined annually by the Government and currently corresponds to 33.8% on transitory tariffs for sales to final electricity customers.

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