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Who could be the ‘villain’ that She-Hulk chapter 3 anticipates? • ENTER.CO

She-Hulk chapter 3 anticipates that there is a hidden villain in the story. And we have a suspicion that it is Samuel Stern.

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Next, we will give spoilers for She-Hulk.

She-Hulk continues with a good run of episodes that, little by little, are revealing the true intentions of the show. One of the most recent episodes not only answers several questions we’ve been asking ourselves about Abomination, but also reveals for the first time what appears to be the show’s hidden story.

Shortly after She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters returns from her post-trial interview, she is ambushed by a group of humans outside her home. The attackers present no real threat to her and are equipped with what appear to be Asgardian tools (which Jennifer aptly concludes were stolen from a construct). But, what we are left with after this ‘fighting’ (for lack of another word to describe the encounter) is the idea that there is a person who is after Walters’s blood.

Unfortunately, the group does not leave many clues to create a real theory about who the true villain of the story may be. However, at ENTER.CO we have done a little marathon and we have looked for clues to find the bad guy behind She-Hulk and there is a name that comes to mind:

Who is Samuel Sterns/Leader?

Considering the amount of information we have, it is difficult to determine with certainty who may be the culprit behind the attack on Jennifer. But if we have to choose a name, the first option on the list would be a person obsessed with the Hulk family, someone who would seek to obtain the secrets of him and even use them for him… and the obvious name is Samuel Sterns.

First things first: Sterns is not a villain making his MCU debut. In fact, another good reason to believe that he’s a villain is that he made an appearance as a secondary enemy in the 2008 movie The Incredible Hulk (a movie in which Tim Roth’s Abomination also appeared). In this movie Stern was a scientist who was looking to create a cure for Bruce Banner. He eventually manages to create a serum, but not to cure Banner but to create other similar monsters. It is this drug that (combined with others that Blonsky was taking) make him the Abomination.

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Unfortunately, during the transformation, Stern receives some of Banner’s blood through an open head wound. At that moment his head begins to grow as he begins to mutate.

Samuel Sterns

This moment was meant to raise expectations for a third Hulk movie… which never happened. Within the dialogue it is implied that Samuel Sterns was captured by the Shield and is referred to as the Mr. Blue project, but is never mentioned further (mainly because the whole Hulk thing in the MCU was taboo until recently in the MCU). MCU). However, among the people who might be obsessed with getting blood from a Hulk… Stern tops the list.

For now we will have to wait a little longer for confirmation. She-Hulk will have a total of 6 episodes, which means we’re halfway through his story. Hopefully the next chapter will clear up our suspicions a bit more.

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