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Who can have? How to make?

Do you know the Zema Credit Card and do you know its advantages? If not, it’s time to find out!

A credit card, nowadays more than useful, is quite necessary. There are numerous transactions that are only available to credit card users, in addition to many value-added products that rely heavily on installment payments to be purchased.

But there are also a lot of credit card offers nowadays, which makes it difficult to find out about all of them to know which version is the best.

One of the most interesting things is looking for established companies to apply for a credit card and call it your own. This is why the Zema Credit Card is so interesting, as it is a safe option for a company that is already well established in the market. Let’s get to know the service and understand everything it offers.

What this article covers:

What is the Zema Credit Card

The Zema Credit Card is a service provided by Zema Financial, a Brazilian credit and financial resolution company. It has been in the business for decades and is a well-respected company.

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Zema has now migrated to the digital world and made digital accounts available, which now have the Zema Credit Card.

The Zema Credit Card has a low annual fee, just R$2.00 and international coverage.

Who can have and how to apply for the Zema card?

The Zema Credit Card is only available to those who are already a customer of the finance company and have a registered digital account. After that, he must request his Zema Credit Card through the application.

Tips for getting the Zema Credit Card

To apply for a Zema Credit Card, you must be a customer with a digital account registered with Zema. To make one is very simple:

  • Download the Zema app on PlayStore🇧🇷
  • In the application select the option “open account”;
  • Complement with the requested data such as personal documents, personal information and photos that the application asks to continue opening your account;
  • Create a password to access the Zema app and then a password for your account.

After the registration of the Zema digital account is done, you must wait for the company’s approval. If the request receives a positive response, the Zema Credit Card will arrive at your residence in approximately 20 days.

An advantage of the company Zema is that regardless of the result that your card application has, it will contact you to inform you about its opinion, either to approve the card, or to deny it.

How does the Zema digital account work?

The Zema digital account still lacks a lot of special benefits, considering that it is a newly launched account. However, in addition to the credit card, the customer can try to apply for a Zema personal loan and a payroll loan.

Advantages of the Zema Card

The Zema Credit Card has a very competitive annual fee of just R$2.00. However, Zema company employees pay only R$ 1.00 annuity.

Advantages of the Zema Card

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The service is accepted throughout the national territory and also internationally, and there is no maintenance fee.

Disadvantages of the Zema Credit Card

The Zema Credit Card does not have any points or cashback program, and has little or no loyalty plan.

The Zema card is a good option for anyone looking for a basic or entry-level credit card. It is worth checking out for anyone looking for a solid and simple service.

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