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Who called? That’s how you find out who called [Nya knep 2022]

You hear the phone ring and run to see who it is but the number is unknown and you don’t know who called. Then there may be plenty of opportunities for you to find who it was by using a few tricks.

First of all, you can of course search for the phone number online. Sometimes you can see who called. It is also an easy way. You can also install an app that automatically checks who called. Then you can often also find out if they are telemarketers and if others using the same app have reported it as fraud or telemarketing.

Other ways to find out who called are as follows:

Use Swish

Today, everyone uses Swish for easy and smooth transfers. What many people don’t think about is that you can also use it to check who called. Fill in the phone number and enter one kroner as the amount and press on to Payment. You can cancel the payment so don’t worry about it. If the phone number is connected to Swish, you then see who the recipient is and can then cancel the payment.

Google the phone number

A simple way that always works is to use Google or another search engine to find who called. You just enter the phone number in the search field and you will probably be able to find who called.

Use the telephone directory

Although not as common, you can actually use a telephone directory to see who called. However, works better on home numbers than on e.g. mobile numbers. However, it can be a way to find out who called.

It simply shouldn’t be complicated or difficult to find out who called. Nowadays, it is therefore quite easy to see if the person who called is someone you want to talk to after all or if it is a telemarketer.

Salesperson calling

Most of the time, you can find the number online with a quick Google search, especially if it’s a salesperson who called. The sellers can have their own databases, but they can also use Leadsson or other address actors to whom the sales companies turn to buy leads and addresses for their campaigns. It may also be the case that you have provided your information to the companies you shop from. As a rule, there are two well-proven methods to see who called. If it’s a landline, you can Google. Mobile numbers can also be Googled, but if it’s a private person who called you, we think the Swish method works best.

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