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Who are the Clandestines? The new villains of Ms. Marvel • ENTER.CO

The most recent episode of Ms. Marvel introduced us to the Underground… but their Marvel comic counterparts are quite different.

Ms. Marvel continues her streak of good episodes. The latest solves several mysteries simultaneously including the identity of Kamram’s mother and, incidentally, the origins of Kamala’s powers.

As it turns out, his great-great-grandmother, like Kamram’s mother, are from an alternate dimension called Noor. At some point in the past some people from this dimension were exiled to ours and here they acquired some names among which are Djinn and, the one they prefer to use, the Underground.

At ENTER.CO we want to give you some information about the inspiration of the Clandestinos, the new villains of Ms. Marvel.

Clandestinos: The same name… but nothing more.

The first thing you need to know is that the Underground exist in the pages of Marvel, but they have nothing to do (so far) with the villains of Ms. Marvel.

In the Comics the Clandestinos is the name by which the people of the Destiny Clan, a family of people with super abilities, are known. His story begins in 1168 AD in England when after an accident a 16 year old boy by the name of Adam comes back to life. After this he discovers that he is immortal and invincible and takes the name of Adam Destiny. These events then lead him to meet and fall in love with a female Djin by the name of Elalyth and together they begin a long dynasty of superhumans.

The most interesting thing about the Underground is in the idea of ​​this ancient family full of people with super powers, but who decides to keep them a secret. It is this politics that eventually leads to some clashes within the family, culminating in internal murders, rebellious sons, family reunions, and time travel. The best way to describe this story is as a novel in the pages of Marvel.

The Noor Dimension and the Djins

In the pages of Marvel there is no such thing as the Noor dimension. However, we can assume that his closest inspiration would be the magical kingdom of Yden. The quickest association is that Marvel opted to change the name to avoid any possible religious connotation (a move that’s also not new to the MCU).

Yden is home to the aforementioned Elalyth, along with other Djinn that inhabit the pages of Marvel. Going back to the religious references again, the Djin were one of the many races created by Lilith, one of the first living beings on the planet and a ‘goddess’ from dimension 616. None of this is really important, as the Djin are barely mentioned. in the pages of Marvel and its existence is only used to explain myths in the comics universe. It is assumed that at some point in history these beings were driven to extinction.

Images: Marvel Comics

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