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whims of nature engraved in the rock

The Buracas de Casmilo are located in the Serra do Sicó and are an incredible destination, with a pedestrian route that is really worth doing.

Have you ever heard of Buracas do Casmilo? Nature has an enormous capacity to make us feel small, as a result of its immense power and gigantic creations. Many of the landscapes that dazzle us have countless stories.

The passage of time causes major transformations on the planet that also contribute to the existence of absolutely incredible spaces.

If there are many stunning places in the world, Portugal also has some. The Buracas do Casmilo, in Serra do Sicó, represent a deeply enchanting natural treasure.

One more proof of the incredible richness of Nature present in an absolutely unique space in Portugal and which is located near Condeixa-a-Nova.

Buracas do Casmilo: a route not to be missed

Going to Buracas do Casmilo is a fascinating experience for all those who love being in contact with nature. Those who like adventures and doing activities such as climbing, mountaineering and hiking will certainly love the experience of discovering, in the Massif do Sicó, the Casmilo Holes.

The nature

Unique conditions in a specific context determine a unique and dazzling development. In this region, dominated by dry surfaces, water is almost non-existent on the surface, and it flows underground.

In the Buracas valley, there are several rocky shelters that feature fantastic photographs. It is an overwhelming experience to be in front of these huge holes, which time and Nature designed so that we could witness how amazing their creation can be.

the holes

In Vale das Buracas, there are several examples of huge “holes”. The “holes” were exposed after the collapse of the central part of a conduit, leaving its lateral parts uncovered.

The holes can reach an enormous size. There are some over 10m in diameter and over 5m deep. This dimension makes us aware that our size compared to the dimension of Nature is really reduced. It’s impossible not to take pictures that look absolutely incredible and extraordinary.

The surrounding landscape invites you to a healthy walk

pedestrian route

There is one pedestrian path which can prove to be a great option for all those who want to discover this natural wonder. This route starts and ends in the village of Casmilo (next to the sports center). It is a route full of points of great tourist interest.

On this trail, in addition to getting to know the natural limitations of the region, you can also find out how people live (and have lived) and overcome (and have overcome) all these constraints. The highlight of this route is, of course, the Vale das Buracas. But until you get to that point, you can be dazzled by the beautiful landscape, the animals (namely the herds) and the proof of the hard work that men have to try to tame Nature (while it lets…) and the fields with walls of limestone to delimit the space.

Where sleep

Condeixa-a-Nova can prove to be an excellent option for those looking to find accommodation. However, you can also opt for other spaces nearby, such as Coimbra. Among the existing accommodations in the area (or nearby) are:

  • Vila Gale Coimbra (Rua Abel Dias Urbano, 20, 3000-001 Coimbra);
  • Tivoli Coimbra (Rua João Machado Nº4, 3000-226 Coimbra);
  • Pousada Condeixa Coimbra (Rua Francisco de Lemos nº43, 3150-142 Condeixa a Nova);
  • Casa Bela Vista (Rua da Igreja, 3150-040 Bem da Fé, Portugal);
  • Seven Farms (Retorta s/n, 3220-238 Miranda do Corvo);
  • HD | Duecitânia Design Hotel (Ponte do Espinhal, 3230-292 Penela);
  • Casa da Azenha Castellum (Rua Moinho do Rei 3, 3150-211 Alcabideque);
  • Hotel Quinta das Lágrimas (Rua António Augusto Gonçalves, 3041-901 Coimbra).

Where to eat

Among the nearby places, but still some distance from the “holes”, there are great restaurants in Condeixa-a-Nova such as:

  • Non Solo Pane (Rua Dona Maria Elsa Franco Sotto Mayor nº21 A);
  • COME (Rua D. Elsa Sotto Mayor nº5 Condeixa A Nova, Coimbra);
  • A Taberna (Rua dos Combatentes da Grande Guerra 86, Coimbra);
  • Maria’s Kitchen (Rua das Azeiteiras, nº 65 Coimbra).

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