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Which zodiac women are the most shy in love

If you are a shy woman in love, you may be predestined by the stars. According to astrology, there are zodiac signs that are too introverted, so they prefer the peace of solitude to the bustle of society. Thus, when it comes to emotions they do not act on impulse, they try to do it with logic.

Unlike extroverted zodiac women, they don’t act with their hearts in their hands. Shyness is a brake that gives them security to prevent others from knowing what their heart feels. When they’re in love they don’t shout it from the rooftops; they reserve their feelings and do not release it.

However, this does not mean that they always hold back. Subtlety is part of their charm, they just prefer not to be flashy. Based on a YourTango ranking, we tell you which zodiac women are most likely to be shy in love.

Aquarius women are shy and quiet around strangers; Only with family and close friends are they extroverted. Their emotions, although they can be strong, are rooted in their thoughts, so in love they are not thrown, rather, they act cold even though inside they burn with passion.

Although they are friendly, they act reserved when they fall in love. If they live in the social circle of the special person, they act with restraint because it is exhausting for them. They prefer to be alone with their partner. They need to feel a special connection to release their emotions and surrender to passion.

Taurus women do not like changes, therefore they are not open to spontaneity.. They want a stable life, that’s why they prefer to avoid the chaos of love; only when they feel safe do they take firm steps in the romance sector.

Scorpio women are very introverted with their feelings. They keep their thoughts under lock and key and act stoically towards the person they like. They enjoy having that secret well kept. When you trust, you agree to share only a part of what is in your heart, so your partner must work very hard to earn your trust.

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