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Which zodiac signs will be most affected by July’s full supermoon?

An eye-opening experience will change the course of the zodiac signs most affected by July’s full supermoon, which will occur this Wednesday in Capricorn. The last lunar phase occurs every 28 days and is the one that, astrologically, has the greatest impact on the zodiac because it forms in opposition to the Sun, that is, the Moon and the Sun are in opposite signs.

The full moon of July 13, also known as the Stag or Thunder Moon, will reach its peak after noon positioned over Capricorn, an ambitious sign motivated to climb obstacles that, when opposed with the Sun in the compassionate and emotional Cancer, tension will emanate between personal and public life.

In simple words, it means that the heart and reason do not agree, however, we find a way to solve it. This disparate energy will affect the following zodiac signs the most, reported in an article.

The July full moon activates the public image sector of those born from March 21 to April 19. The whole world is likely to start talking about Aries, so you’ll have your eyes on. You can take advantage of the attention to show your best and show authority, in this way, you can achieve great benefits in the future.

Great changes are predicted in the life of Cancer associated with their personal relationships. You’ll find new ways to make them work, and things will get serious with a partner, a lover, a friend, or a colleague at work. The good news is that you can have the relationship you’ve always wanted, but first you’ll need to break free of your toxic patterns.

The full moon of Stag activates the family and home sector for those born between September 23rd and October 22nd. It will force them to face the reality of their intimate lifeThis means a move or deep spring cleaning to remove stagnant energies could be on the way. If there are problems or resentments at home, this lunation will push everyone to tell the truth.

The July supermoon will cause the true identity of Capricorn to come to light. Pretending to be happy with someone or under certain circumstances will no longer work. It’s time to recognize your needs and assert them to get back on track.

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