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Which zodiac signs have the purest heart, but are very hurt

The zodiac signs that have the purest hearts are often the ones that suffer the most.. According to astrology, it is due to their fragility and sensitivity, and as others know of their kindness, some take the opportunity to deceive them or in the worst case, betray them.

And this is why being pure in heart can be both a blessing and a curse. Big-hearted signs see the best in people.They know how to listen and care about the feelings of those around them, and how they are in tune with their emotions, when someone harms them they cause very deep wounds.

Based on a ranking prepared by YourTango.com, we tell you which signs have the purest heart of the zodiac, but at the same time are the most hurt.

It is the most generous and sensitive sign of the zodiac. Loves to give and offer help to family, friends, colleagues or strangers. The problem is that if they don’t receive the same love that they give, they can be hurt. Their nature is loving and they need expressions of affection to heal their hearts.

Scorpio is in second place. Keep your emotions deep in your heart and although he seems cold, the reality is that he has a sensitive heart that he knows how to hide. They don’t like the feeling of rejection, that’s what hurts them the most, and since they’re intuitive they’ll know if you’re just taking advantage of their kindness.

The Gemini sign is adept at keeping their emotions secret. They are sensitive and under their fun and sociable personality they create a curtain that hides a pure heart.. This is why they try to look tough, but they do it to avoid getting hurt.

This fire sign seems aggressive, but behind the explosion of anger there are many emotions hidden. Aries takes a short time to get attached to peoplebut if they are deceived they unleash hell.

They are very sensitive and want all the attention when they care for you. Pisces is very loyal in every way, so he expects the same in return.. If you break his heart, you will create an emotional wound that can never be repaired.

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