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Which zodiac signs have the most friends with intimate benefits

Friends with benefits are those who keep the possibility open to have sporadic sexual relations without involving feelings. It turns out that the horoscope has something to do with this behavior.

According to astrologers, there are zodiac signs that are more likely to have friends with benefits instead of getting involved in serious, long-term relationships. They prefer to set their limits in love and only please the body when it needs it.

It’s not that they hate falling in love, but they are more comfortable in a position away from jealousy, drama and misunderstandings. However, the danger they run is that love is everywhere and the reality is that they cannot command their hearts who to fall in love with, so they could have romantic feelings with their friends.

According to the opinion of astrologer Reda Wigle in an article in the New York Post in its online version, these are the zodiac signs that have the most friends with benefits.

It is the sign of the zodiac that most needs validation, adoration and pride. Friends offer all of the above, so it doesn’t seem unreasonable to you satisfy your carnal desires with them, as long as they are not your closest friends.

“When they feel depressed, they do not hesitate to use someone for the fleeting feeling of fulfillment that being loved provides,” the astrologer noted.

This zodiac sign has a dark side that few know about. According to Wigle, he is a master at feigning romance, tenderness, and genuine interest. just to have intimate relationships. They would rather keep the sex casual than get involved beyond their limits.

Behind her responsible and structured personality, lies her hot attitude. He is not interested in romantic entanglements nor does he have loving expectations, after all, he does not want anything to distract him from his professional goals.

“They see sex as an escape valve and their partners are more accessories to the act than equals in it,” said the astrologer, so making friends with benefits gives you the opportunity to indulge your carnal desires without neglecting what is most important to him.

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