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Which zodiac signs have the fewest friends?

Maintaining a friendship or having few friends can be determined by astrology. There are signs of the zodiac that, due to mistrust or emotional detachment, this topic is not a priorityhowever, does not mean that they are incapable of being excellent life partners.

It is likely that some of them are misunderstood as their personality can be cold, distant, stubborn or too aggressive in the eyes of others. Only people who have the opportunity to get to know them in all their facets are part of their circle of friendship..

If they have few friends, it’s because they want to.They need time to accept people. According to a ranking of HoroscopoNegro.com, we tell you which signs are the ones that accumulate few friends in their life.

First of this list is located Capricorn, a sign who finds it difficult to trust others. Although he is there to listen and help those who need it, when this sign is in trouble, he does not go to anyone; that is a great claim that his true friends have with him.

Friendship is not an easy concept for Capricorn, it takes time and patience to enter their circle of trust. The advantage as a friend is his loyalty, which only few truly know.

It is usually a closed and distant sign emotionally. He is smart and likes to help others, but he is closed for ideas. He’s not one for change, he thrives on routine, so it’s no surprise that Taurus keeps the same childhood friends for life.

Aries is a sign that likes to have its agenda full of plans. He is always doing something with other people, but the reality is that he considers few as friends. You have a hard time sticking with your friends, as a fire sign, one day he wants to be with them and the other away. Aries is a free and independent soul, which is why they usually have few friends.

What this sign values ​​most is trust and loyalty. People who show these two qualities are likely to enter his circle of friendship, and for this he puts them to the test. If he sees that something is wrong, there will be no way for you to be his friend. And it is that of all the signs it is the most difficult to understand.

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