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Which zodiac signs hate losing the most?

If you know someone who reacts very badly when outclassed or you can’t stand to come in second or third place, maybe you should take a look at the stars. According to astrology, there are zodiac signs that hate the idea of ​​losing more than others because in their mind they always visualize victory.

Competitiveness is a trait that all signs possess, albeit at various levels. Although nobody likes to lose, there are those who take it with philosophy. They analyze what mistakes they made so that, when a new opportunity presents itself, they will have better results.

Nevertheless, Other signs cannot channel the emotions that a defeat causes them so easily.. They are bad losers because, far from recognizing the rival, they put up any pretext to justify their performance. Based on predictions from the site Horóscopomariarosales.com we tell you which zodiac signs are the ones that hate losing the most.

It is a very competitive sign, mainly in matters where knowledge and intellectual stimulation are used. Geminis are curious and can spend a lot of time cultivating his mind, so when they’re in a conversation, they want to be the last to speak because they consider their opinions to be the law. When there is someone who has more knowledge and better arguments, they can’t stand it and use the resource of ridicule and jokes to overshadow the victory of their rival.

It is a sign that obeys its emotions, so the idea of ​​defeat is not something easy for Cancer to digest. They fight hard and do whatever it takes to achieve a goal, more if loved ones are involved. He wants to live up to expectations and being defeated by a project or opponent hurts him to the core.

Of all the signs is the most passionate. When you compete, you give it your all. he holds nothing back and is determined, therefore when someone gets over him he is overwhelmed. Defeat is not a term that scorpions are accustomed to, so they channel their vengeful being into effort and will be sure to crush their opponent in the next few occasions.

As a fire sign, you strive beyond your limits to achieve your personal goals. He does not compete with other people, but with himself. When they cannot reach a goal their optimism turns into pessimism. However, they can easily find other ways to motivate themselves.

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