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Which zodiac signs give the best kisses: get ready for the end of the year

If this Christmas you are lucky enough to receive a kiss under the mistletoe, it better be one of these signs of the Zodiac. According to astrology, there are those who have more skills than others in this art and can take you to the heights with their lips.

Kisses are one of the ways in which human beings transmit desire and love; It is a delicious activity that is savored, however, experience tells us that there are good and bad kissers.

There are signs that have the natural gift when it comes to playing with lips and tongue so, if in this time when the cold hits harder you want to raise the temperature, astrology tells you who they are the best kissers of the zodiac.

The sign with the most kissing skills is Aries. According to a ranking published by YourTango.com, he does it with his heart and soul; She also has the ability to quickly capture how she likes to be kissed by her partner.

The zodiac bull is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, so he enjoys both kissing and making love. His technique is to subtly approach and slow him down; it is something natural in them so they arouse emotions.

By nature Cancer is charming and seductive, so his kisses are quite warm and irresistible. This sign only kisses when he feels something pure, if you are lucky enough to be with him, the experience will become magical and romantic.

Leos want to impress in everything, and kisses are no exception, but they also have the plus of kissing with passion. His technique is powerful, that is, he takes command and is not afraid to take the first step.

Scorpio won’t kiss you unless they want to. This is the secret of why they are so good at this art. They don’t waste their seductive weapons on anyone, they choose their “victims” carefully and they do it passionately.

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