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Which zodiac signs cheat the most and least

Cheating or being honest could be a decision influenced by the stars and, according to astrology, our zodiac sign reveals how likely we are to choose the short and easy way out or stay true to our values.

While all zodiac signs can cheat at some point in their lives, there are some who are at the extremes, that is, who they adopt deception as their “modus operandi” and who will never allow themselves to be seduced by the honeys of corruption.

In this classification you will know which signs of the zodiac are the ones that cheat the most and the least, according to a ranking prepared by astrologers from AskAstrology.com. It should be noted that only the sun sign is taken into account, so if your sign appears here, it does not mean that you are necessarily the most cheating or the most straight of all.

The 3 signs most likely to cheat

1. Sagittarius

It is an optimistic sign, but its tricky side justifies it with its philosophy of life. Sagittarius is one of those who think “you only live once” and gets carried away by adventure, emotion and freedom. Commitment is not something he is given, and while he does have strong values, his will breaks when he becomes obsessed with one thing. Of course, remorse is a consequence of his actions and he will do everything possible to compensate them.

2. Gemini

He has no problem changing decisions. He will choose what is best for him and if in his analysis he deduces that cheating will not do any harm, he goes that way.. However, he is only fooling himself. The easy way teaches Gemini valuable lessons, and when he learns them, he can be a pretty upstanding sign because he’s had a taste of the dark side.

3. Pound

It seems strange that the sign of justice is in third place, but the reason it appears has nothing to do with your lifestyle. He is prone to deception in matters of loveif a person moves the table, even if he has a partner, he will give in to passion.

The 3 signs least likely to cheat

1. Taurus

It is a completely upright and honest sign. The highest priority in your life is to be true to your values, so you are not likely to fall for the deception. Cheating is something very complicated that can drastically change their destiny, and the last thing Taurus wants is to have surprises in their day to day life.

2. Cancer

A Cancer is no good at cheating, are immediately evident as it is very expressive. To avoid the embarrassment of being easily discovered, they prefer not to do so. In addition, family values ​​are of the utmost importance for this sign, and honesty is one of them.

3. Leo

The reason Leo is placed on this list is his commitment. Like the lion, they are loyal to people and their personal values. They think they don’t need to cheat to prove they are the best.

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