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Which zodiac signs are the weakest, according to astrology

Define weakness in zodiac signs it is something more complex than you think, after all, each one has its strengths and weaknesses. So, to know which signs have the most weaknesses, you have to analyze different areas of life.

It should be noted that no sign is weaker than the rest, however, may have a harder time coping with certain challenges. Understanding and recognizing where they need to work harder can help them grow and improve, as YearlyHoroscope.org commented in an article, where they classified the weakest signs based on different aspects.

Which sign is the weakest mentally?

Mental strength is a challenge for Pisces, a sign known for its sensitive and intuitive nature. While his empathy and intuition are a strength, it can also work against you when emotions, your own and others overwhelm you, so you may have difficulty dealing with reality.

Being ruled by Neptune, the planet of fantasy, dreams, creativity and the spiritual world, you have a developed artistic talent and a restless imagination, making you prone to anxiety and depression.

Which sign is physically weaker?

According to the article, Cancer prioritizes their emotional well-being over the physical, which can lead you to neglect your health, consequently, you can be the weakest physically. In addition, it is very sensitive to environmental changes, so it is more prone to disease.

What sign is perceived weaker by society?

The sign that you consider the weakest socially is VirgoThe reason is that being too critical of themselves and others makes it difficult for them to relate. They are also prone to isolating themselves to think and overanalyze situations, this makes people perceive them as distant and unapproachable.

Which sign is the weakest emotionally?

Aquarius is the weakest sign on the emotional level. According to YearlyHoroscope.org, this sign is independent and takes care of its freedom, so it tends to have difficulties engaging with its emotions. Aquarius is known for his great intelligence, a quality that plays against him when he insists on rationalizing his emotions.

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