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Which zodiac signs are the most tender with their partners

If you want to find comfort, warmth, protection and above all tenderness in your partner, almost like that of a father or a motherThere are signs of the zodiac that are like that in their love relationships.

They strive to reveal their protective instincts in their loved ones, sometimes to the extreme, but they do it for a good purpose. They are signs who love to consent and fulfill wishes; empathy and service attitude are part of its fundamental pillars.

It does not make your partner request more affection, they themselves take care of giving everything, they are honesty and sincerity. Next, based on an article from PinkVilla.com, we tell you which signs are the most tender of the zodiac in love.

Ruled by the maternal Moon, Cancer is the sign that practices the most protective and affectionate traits in its relationships. As a sensitive and emotional water sign, he fulfills any desire of her partner to see her happy and comfortable. They are good caregivers and offer their help without asking for anything in return.

People who are Pisces are infinitely compassionate and empathetic. When in a relationship, they are intuitive to detect their partner’s different moods, so they anticipate their moves and take steps to calm them down through tender and romantic details.

A Libra couple will do everything possible so that their loved one does not need absolutely anything. It offers financial, mental and emotional support at all times, it is always available to encourage, comfort and pamper, which is why it is recognized as one of the most tender signs of the Zodiac.

Although they are not very good at expressing themselves verbally, they are excellent at offering their sympathy and kindness. It is present in the most difficult moments and tries to provide productive solutions to eliminate the bad times.

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