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Which zodiac signs are the most ruthless in love

Human beings are by nature emotional. We are moved by love, passion, adventure, adrenaline and even negative feelings such as sadness, depression, regret, etc. According to astrology, zodiac signs that are colder also turn out to be ruthless in lover, and it is that they do not love or hate, indifference drives their partners crazy.

It is as if emotions are absent from your system. They do not feel aggrieved by things like jealousy, nor do they express affection. The positive thing about them is that they build a shield against painful situations, so in the most stressful situations they react with a cool head and make decisions logically.

When they have to cut their relationship they do it without remorse and they do not think about the matter, in this way, they can offend their partner. Similarly, if they are placed in the dock and threatened with a breakup, they don’t care. Based on a list from YourTango.com, we tell you which signs are the most ruthless in love.

Capricorn is a sign that remains stoic. If they are in emotionally tense situations, they do not make gestures, they do not move, they remain immovable as if they were disconnected from the world. And it is that to them find it difficult to deal with emotional situationsso they prefer to keep their distance.

When Aquarius has been the victim of heartbreak, experience tells him that he must keep his heart closed with multiple padlocks and proof of everything. At the beginning of a relationship this can be disconcerting for her partner, because dodge every emotional talk and go another way. Although it is difficult to open its shell, in the end it will, if it wants to.

It is a sign that is naturally cold, but we must not let appearances deceive us. Inside he is extremely passionate, but his mental strength and emotional intelligence make him control his impulses. Like Aquarius, you do this to keep your heart safe and prevent it from being damaged.

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