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Which zodiac signs are the most honest and at the same time the most hurtful

The signs of the zodiac could influence the degree of honesty that we project in our opinions, to the point that some they are capable of hurting with the truth.

Honesty is highly valued these days, but not everyone is ready to hear the whole truth. Some can soften their opinions when they do not want to hurt the feelings of others, however, others do not put a verbal filter on their thoughts and they tell it like it is no matter who gets hurt along the way.

And so are 3 signs of the zodiac. They prefer to always say what they think no matter how direct, strong and arrogant they sound. What signs are we talking about? According to astrologer Reda Wigle, the most capable of hurting with the truth are Sagittarius, Virgo and Aries. In an article for the New York Post, she explained why.

As the first sign of the zodiac, it governs the head and the mouth, consequently, they don’t hesitate when they say what they think. Aries, in addition, is the most impulsive of the horoscope in such a way that his opinions are genuine, that is, he expresses things as he thinks them in his mind.

It is not difficult to know how they feel because they say so, in that sense they are totally transparent, however, when they start to tell the truth, they can hurt your feelings because they will not only tell you the good, but also the bad.

He is very demanding in all his approaches. Mercury, in charge of communication and thoughts, is your ruling planet, so expresses things with brutal honesty. As a perfectionist sign, they have the ability to discover things that need to be improved, which is why they are considered extremely critical.

Virgo is the type of person who knows how to give the wisest advice, but is incapable of taking it, the astrologer commented, although it is a fact that they will always tell the truth without filters.

Sagittarius feels an urge to tell the truth and expose lies. Being ruled by the astrological ninth house, that of travel, higher education and exposure, he considers honesty to be the most important pillar of all.

This sign does not mind denying their partner, friends or colleagues in front of anyone, even if it seems an unloyal attitude, for Sagittarius the truth is something that should not be played with.

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