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Which zodiac signs are the most hated by women?

If you’ve ever wondered why some women hate each other, the clue could be in the stars. According to astrology, there are female zodiac signs that tend to be more hated by women themselves.

The reasons may be different; envy, jealousy, character and behavior towards others are the main ones. Each zodiac woman has qualities that can pose a threat to others.and when they collide with each other, very rough rivalries are born.

Next, let’s find out which signs are the most likely to be hated by women, according to a ranking compiled by the Vekke Sind site.

There are attitudes of each sign that arouse the feeling of hatred in others.
Scorpio women are secretive and mysterious. Photo: Pexels

Scorpio women tend to be deceitful, secretive, controlling, and extremely sensual., so they arouse the hatred of their gender partners. Also, in work environments they are hungry for power, they know how to persuade people and exercise control over them. This sign rules the sexual organs, so it is very sexy by nature. For all these characteristics, scorpions are the most hated of the zodiac.

Gemini women have a reputation for being talkative. Photo: Shutterstock

Geminis are perceived as two-faced, very communicative and treacherous. Although they are only stereotypes, which does not mean that they are like that, this bad reputation places them in second place among the most hated women of the zodiac. This sign has a personality that is difficult to decipher because it is chameleonic, that is, its character changes or transforms depending on the current situation or the social group where it is located. For this reason, they are perceived as deceptive, although very funny and attractive to the opposite sex.

Virgo is an ex who needs to know that he was a good match.
Virgo women are very critical. Photo: Unsplash

The brutal honesty of Virgo women is what places them in third position on this list. It is easy for Virgo to judge and criticize others since they are the harshest judges of him. However, this does not mean that other women are ready to hear the painful truths from her. Pointing out their imperfections and mistakes is something many can’t stand.

March Aries are different than April Aries.
Aries women are outspoken. Photo: Shutterstock

Aries women are adorable, and for that reason, they are also despicable, according to Vekke Sind. This sign is always placed first above the others. On the other hand, they are independent and do not allow anyone to take care of them. Your impulsive frankness can make others feel hurtso they are able to sneak into this ranking.

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