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Which zodiac signs are the most emotionally unstable, according to astrologers

Significant sudden mood swings for no apparent reason are characteristic of zodiac signs that are more emotionally unstable. According to astrology, the signs that belong to the water element are the most likely to experience these alterations in their personality.

Water is the most sensitive astrological element so Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the signs that star in the most dramatic moments. They can be ecstatic with joy and from one second to another feel sadness, this is because they are very empathetic and feel other people’s emotions as their own.

Also, criticism can take it personally and it’s easy to hurt their feelings, which is why they are extreme in their reactions. Based on the HoroscopeMariaRosales.com site, we tell you why these signs are the most emotionally unstable.

It is the most fragile sign, emotionally speaking, of the entire horoscope. On the outside it seems that they have a strong character, but deep down they are very sentimental. Cancer is the only member of the zodiac ruled by the Moon, so in his nature there is a maternal and protective instinct, so that he gives himself to his loved ones in body and soul.

However, when they feel abandoned or betrayed they experience sudden mood swings. In fact, he has a reputation for being very moody precisely because of his emotional sensitivity.

The scorpion is the sign that is most likely to experience emotionally unstable episodes.. In addition to being very passionate, they have a restless imagination so when they are prey to bad thoughts, they can go from happiness to anger in an instant.

Scorpio passionately surrenders to all his instincts, which is why his way of feeling is very intense. They can easily lose control and this attitude can cause many problems in their love life.

Although it is a calm, peaceful, kind and empathetic sign, it can be an easy prey for sudden mood swings. It is the sign most sensitive to the feelings of others and offers its selfless help.

However, you can be easily offended when others do not accept your support. As I am still made of water, it is difficult for him to control his emotions, so he can experience a radical transformation of feelings.

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