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Which zodiac signs are terrible for long relationships

The signs of the zodiac can give us clues about what the relationship with a person could be like, if it is destined for success or if it will be shorter than we think. And it is that, according to astrology there are signs that are terrible for sustaining long-term romances. Their personality may be difficult to deal with, however, they are often the ones who put up obstacles.

These signs do not let things flow naturally, they analyze too much and can be victims of their imagination. The lack of communication is the common denominator; Jealousy and doubts are what lead them to end the relationship early.

It should be noted that this classification is only based on the generic traits of the sun signs. To know more exactly what kind of people do not get involved in long relationships, other aspects of their natal chart must be analyzed, such as their lunar sign, among other planetary locations.

However, since the sun sign is the representative of a person’s personality and identity, can offer us some clues about who is the most terrible for long relationships.

One attribute of Gemini is the ability to have fun conversations, after all, it is ruled by Mercury, the sign of communications. Nevertheless, when you abuse your ability to speak you may make the mistake of not listening to what your partner has to say. Messages will only come one way, and in a relationship, there should always be a proper flow of communication.

Taurus is a rather demanding and stubborn sign. You may make the mistake of wanting to have the relationship your way., which will be perceived by your partner as an authoritative message. No one wants to be in a relationship where they’re being told what to do all the time, so it’s common for them to fail if they’re not flexible.

Aquarius’ problem is his inability to express what he feels and thinks. Her partner will do everything possible to find out what is inside her head and, mainly, in her heart. However, patience can run out and if you don’t open up, the relationship will end before its time.

A relationship with Scorpio is passionate. They are reliable and faithful lovers, But when they fall prey to their insecurities, the relationship turns bleak.. If jealousy takes over he can be dominant and obsessive.

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