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Which zodiac signs are capable of stealing a kiss from you?

This July 6 is International Stolen Kiss Day. And to commemorate it, astrology reveals to us which signs of the zodiac are more likely to follow their emotional impulse and throw themselves at your lips without asking permission.

According to the Diainternacional.org site, this event was born in 2006 and is very popular in the United States and Great Britain, where it is known as “Kissing Day”. He clarified that, although it is similar to the International Kissing Day that is celebrated on April 13, they are different celebrations.

This day is designed for people who have a secret boyfriend or girlfriend, muster up their courage and decide to steal a kiss. According to the stars, there are signs of the zodiac that are the bravest for this activity. Next, we tell you who they are based on an article on the site Astrology.tv.

Those born from March 21 to April 19 are the ones who tend to steal the most kisses. As a fire sign ruled by Mars, the planet of action, you are the most impulsive. To kiss they are fast, surprising and passionate, they do not bother to create the romantic atmosphere; any time is perfect for Aries.

The sign of those born from October 23 to November 22 loves forbidden kisses. Scorpio is risky because everything or nothing is at stake, and to get out of doubt, take actions that could surprise. His kisses are intense, deep and passionate, although he may be shy to express what he feels, he is not to throw himself on your lips.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, Libra is romantic so there is nothing more beautiful for them than to steal a kiss. When it comes to romance, those born between September 23 and October 22 are experts at creating the perfect atmosphere. It is a mischievous and flirtatious sign, so its stolen kisses mean more than just a push.

Those born from February 19 to March 20 are carried away by emotions and the moment. When they perceive that they have a connection with the other person, they do not ask permission. For Pisces, the lips are the gateway to the heart.

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