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Which zodiac sign is the most narcissistic, according to astrology

Astrology is a tool that reveals to us what our personality tendencies are based on the energy of the planets, under this precept, it is capable of predict what kind of people are the most narcissistic by their zodiac sign.

A narcissistic personality is characterized by its exaggerated egocentrism, extreme self-concern, and lack of empathy towards other people, as defined by the Medline Plus site. It is interesting that the stars can have some influence on this disorder.

Although the signs of the zodiac are not intrinsically born with this characteristic, they can tell us who are more likely to develop a narcissistic attitude. According to Astrofame astrologer Susan Taylor, the following signs are most likely to suffer from this personality disorder.

The sign that tends to be more narcissistic is Leo, according to the astrologer, because they believe they are enormously superior to others. Although they are leaders, talented and intelligent, they also think of themselves as the center of attention, after all, Leo is the only zodiac sign ruled by the Sun, the most striking star in the Solar System and towards which all the planets gravitate.

In second place is Scorpio for his intensity and passion for life. When he is in a good mood he is the kindest and kindest being, but when he is in a bad mood he reveals the darker and narcissistic side of him. He does not touch his heart to belittle and pass over anyone in order to meet his own expectations.

The characteristic that places Virgo in this ranking is their tendency to perfectionism. In the worst version of him, he thinks that he does not make mistakes and criticizes those who are wrong. When someone is more successful than him, he may be able to take the credit in some way, Taylor said.

And in the fourth place in the ranking of narcissists of the Zodiac, Cancer was reached. The most positive side of him is his sweet, caring and protective personality, but being emotional he tends to suffer from noticeable mood swings. He is not narcissistic with himself, but with his loved ones; when it comes to defending them, he justifies his actions and protects them at all costs.

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