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Which zodiac men spy on their exes the most, according to astrology

There are signs of the zodiac that, when they suffer a breakup, they cannot easily let go of their exes. They have a hard time getting used to the idea of ​​not being with the person with whom they lived and had wonderful moments.

According to astrology, there is a certain type of men who cling to the past so they tend to spy on their exes on social networks or in daily life.

They get into profiles and may even go to the places they used to visit together to spark a “casual” encounter. Based on a PinkVilla.com review, we tell you which zodiac men spy on their exes the most.

Cancer men have the reputation of being the most obsessive exes, but harmless. Their way of spying is subtle, that is, they show no apparent interest in their exes, but in solitude they can spend hours rummaging through their social network profiles.

You’ll know when she’s active, who you just added, and spy on close friends to try to find out more about your ex’s life. The best thing that can happen to ex-Cancers is to be blocked from moving on with their lives.

Sagittarius men, when they are heartbroken, they do everything possible to appear in the life of their ex in order to see her again. They are capable of inventing a false profile or provoking a meeting in a shopping mall or in a cafe.

And it is that they are too proud to admit that they still have feelings, but in reality, they keep the hope of recovering love and getting a second chance.

Although they are not as obsessive as the previous two signs, but since they are perfectionists, they try to understand why their ex dared to break up with themif in theory they had everything they needed.

They will compare themselves to every person who has the potential to be their ex’s new partner, at least they will think so. The comparisons will not wait and when they have the opportunity, they will let you know.

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