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Which signs of the zodiac are believed to be the sexiest, according to astrologers

For astrology, being sexy does not mean having physical beauty, rather, a high mental state or self-esteem and a good attitude. The signs that are completely convinced that they are sexy achieve precisely this effect on others because they are charming and attract with their positive character..

If they manage to capture everyone’s gaze it is because they act, move and dress completely sure of being sensual. Also, they know how to use their skills and attributes to conquer, so they don’t need to be pretty faces. Based on a classification from the Astrofame site, we tell you which signs are believed to be the sexiest of the zodiac.

The first of them is the independent and rebellious Aquarius. Their taste for freedom and their intelligent spirit cause people to notice them. According to astrologers, it is a tactile sign, so it knows how to use caresses, tickles and other physical messages to awaken the senses of its partner.

In second place we have the passionate sign of Scorpio. He has an attractive mystique that provokes in others the desire to meet him and conquer him.. Also, these people know how to seduce, which makes them one of the most irresistible signs of the zodiac.

For his magnetic and adventurous spirit Sagittarius is positioned in third place in this classification. They have a big heart and it is what they use to look sexy and attract the people they love.

Emotions are what place Pisces as one of the signs that are believed to be the sexiest. They are passionate, dreamy, intuitive, gentle, kind and empathetic peopleattributes that very few have at the same time and this sign knows how to take advantage of them to look irresistible.

And in the fifth place Taurus is reached, a sign that they have a cosmic charm that makes them look very sexy. People feel comfortable and protected before him because he exudes personal security, which makes him tremendously attractive.

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