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Which signs are the most reckless of the zodiac, according to astrologers

The most reckless zodiac signs have characteristics in common. They tend to make spontaneous decisions driven by their emotions, they are reckless, careless in some things and they can get into very dangerous situations because they don’t take a few seconds to think about the consequences.

According to astrologers, the signs with tendencies to adventure, who get carried away by their wild side and act with abandon are the ones who are part of this list. Behaviors such as making a joke at the worst moment, checking the mobile while driving or jumping into the pool from the roof of a house, are characteristic of them.

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Sagittarius can be very reckless. Photo: Shutterstock

It is a sign that you are ready for exciting adventures. They feel anxious to explore the world. They are not related to the feeling of security, they need the adrenaline of new experiences. A Sagittarius person is restless, fun and lucky; They will never settle in one place as they need to be on the move.

Aquarius has no sensitivity to those around him. Photo: Shutterstock

He is unpredictable and reckless in expressing his thoughts. They do not have the sensitivity to know when their actions or words affect those around them. Social rules they believe do not apply to them, so they can sometimes be aggressive or act crazy just to see how others react.

Capricorn can be reckless for being ambitious. Photo: Shutterstock

Being focused on success, he will do anything to achieve it no matter how reckless he may be. If something or someone gets in your way, use whatever is within your immediate reach to get them out of the way.. His recklessness, usually at work, leads him to have many enemies at work.

Scorpio is usually another of the most reckless signs. Photo: Shutterstock

He likes to challenge himself with very dangerous activities. You do not need to meet anyone’s expectations, when something is proposed it can be quite unpredictable. They take unnecessary risks to feel alive. People with a Scorpio sun sign or ascendant are akin to extreme sports.

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