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Which Pix key is more secure? Check out!

What is the safest Pix key? Pix fell into popular taste and became one of the easiest ways to move money between accounts, make payments, pay and receive money instantly any day and time of the week through registered keys.

But is there a safer Pix key among the different options? What care should we take when registering a key and especially when passing our Pix key to third parties? If you were curious to know what care is needed and which Pix key is the most recommended for registration, read this post to learn more.

What this article covers:

Which considered the Pix key is more secure?

First, it is worth mentioning that the pix key is super safe to receive your money instantly, as well as carry out your bank transactions more easily. Key care is related to the security of your important data and information.

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The key considered safer is the CPF, since it cannot be registered in another bank account. However, it is recommended that, for transactions between unknown persons, the random sequence key be used.

This type of Pix key has a sequence of 32 numbers and letters that are randomly generated by the system and are indicated for those cases in which transactions are carried out with unknown persons.

Pix key types

Among the available options that can be registered and used, the safest Pix key will depend on the context of the transaction. Check out these options below:


Your individual registration or your national legal entity registration can be registered as a Pix key in your bank account.


Email accounts can also be easily registered as a Pix key and linked to your bank account to carry out your transactions.

random keys

Random keys are created by the system and have 32 digits between numbers and letters. They are indicated for specific movements, mainly when the transaction is carried out with unknown persons, in order to preserve their data and information.


Just like e-mail, cell phone numbers (with local area code) can be registered as a pix key to receive payments and other bank transactions.

Before registering your pix key, you need to consider who will make your movements, receipts and payments. In the case of known and trusted people, it is worth choosing the CPF number or CNPJ for being safer🇧🇷

But in case your transactions are carried out with strangers, the random key is the most suitable. That is, only from the context of the transaction can you define which Pix key is safer for the situation.

Necessary care before sharing Pix key

Check below some necessary precautions before sharing pix key:

Put your app in a folder

With the increase in robberies and scams applied by criminals through Pix, this type of payment was very targeted. To protect your data and information, place your bank applications in hidden folders on your cell phone and to increase protection, choose passwords to avoid access.

Two-step authentication

It works as an extra protection to protect your data and information. The login is carried out in two steps and usually you are asked for the PIN and the device where you will receive the confirmation code that should not be shared with anyone.

What dangers can there be in sharing your CPF?

The CPF is a very important document and, therefore, it is necessary to be extra careful when passing your identification to unknown people, since with this data in hand along with other data —such as your name and date of birth—, it is possible to make purchases, loans, apply for cards and other services on your behalf, so be careful with your documents and don’t share it easily and even with strangers.

What dangers can there be in sharing your CPF

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Pix is ​​a super easy way to carry out your bank transactions and move your money between accounts, so be careful when registering your key and always value the random model when making transactions with strangers, in order to preserve your data and personal information, avoiding the hits.

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