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Which one should I invest my money in?

Be it active income or passive income, both are related to your financial gains. Money is an important pillar in our lives, it is with which we can carry out future travel plans or even set aside an amount for emergencies.

Is that term about active or passive income confusing in your mind? Continue reading to find out which one is worth investing in to make real profits.

What this article covers:

Active income or passive income: which is better?

His way of making money matches the way he likes to lead his life. It may include other factors as well. So read the definitions listed below and decide whether you prefer active income or passive income.

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What is active income?

Active income is the one that needs your workforce, that you are active and in exchange for that, you receive an amount. Working in a company is an example, as it is necessary to show up every day predetermined by your boss to receive your salary at the beginning/end of the month or every 15 days.

Passive income: definition

Passive income doesn’t require being in action constantly. While in active income you need to be in person and carry out your activities. In passive income, you can perform an action and let your money earn indefinitely.

How can I invest in passive income?

The first option is to study about investments to learn the best options to invest the money you save monthly. But there are other ways to invest in passive income. See the next topics.

What types of passive income?

There is what is done with an initial capital, where you put an amount to obtain future income and the one without capital, which you can get by investing your time or giving up a place, putting a house for rent, for example.

Bloggers can give up space on their blog to display ads and earn in dollars. Musicians have passive income through royaltiesif the song becomes known, you can receive a good amount in exchange for the license to use that song.

Have you ever imagined making a hit song and winning it to appear in a movie or soap opera? This is how artists passively earn money.

What should I do to invest in active income?

It needs time, energy and health. Because this type of income only generates money if you are there on the days and for the determined hours performing your function. You can have more than one active income, but not everyone can balance downtime with quality work in a 24-hour period.

What are the types of active income and their definitions?

In addition to CLT work, you can have other roles that fit active income in your spare time. It can be an extra income when selling sweets, clothes or any other item you want (on the street or in establishments).

Open your own store to sell a product or provide services as a freelancer. There is a risk in living only on active income, as unforeseen events can happen. Your boss might fire you, you might get sick, or you might even need to take time off work for other reasons.

Aim to balance active and passive income for greater financial security. This is the most viable option for living with quality and achieving your long-term goals.

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