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which is the best electricity and gas company for you?

Did you know that, in Portugal, there are more than 40 companies working in energy supply? Different from what happens with the regulated market, the free market integrates different opportunities, each one of them with its particular terms of contracts, conditions, powers and, of course, prices. So, at a time when it is so important to control spending on our consumption, how choose the best electricity and gas company for your needs?

An energy consultant can be the ideal tool for the consumer who wants to find the best energy contract.

The energy sector is permeated with challenges – whether they are related to legislation, the conditions inherent to the environment of free competition and even the war, which has an unusual impact on this market.

The result of this combination of factors inevitably results in the constant fluctuation of tariff prices and contractual conditions. It is therefore important to stay abreast of changes, using useful and credible sources of information about the sector, also seeking to count on the support of a energy consultant??

Find out what it is and what makes a energy consultanthow important it is when it comes to making better decisions about electricity and gas bills, solar energy and even electric mobility.

How does an energy consultant work?

The current days bring an unprecedented profile of volatility to the energy market, which affects prices and, of course, our pockets. These constant and rapid changes require consumers to make strategic decisions in order to save money each month.

Deciding between maintaining the current conditions or changing operators, in the face of so many different offers, is not at all something simple for the consumer – even if he is well informed on the subject, there is always too much choice and small print that can, sometimes, say a lot. It is for this reason that there are energy consultants, specialists in making the task of contracting light and gas, solar energy and electric mobility simpler.

Before choosing an electricity and gas company, you should know your energy consumption profile. To do this, be sure to manage your energy contracts, so that you can achieve the greatest possible savings.

If you are looking for advice on the best electricity and gas companyso that you can save on energy, it would be a good idea to turn to an energy consultant who you can trust with such an important decision and with such an impact on your family’s budget.

the new platform choice is a good reference that brings together, in a single space, all up-to-date information on contracts and tariffs, advice, tips and news about the market, so that Portuguese consumers can be aware of their energy options.

3 advantages of using an energy consultant

1. Practicality in collecting information: all the options for companies and tariffs gathered in one place, so you never have to go through exhaustive searches on the internet.

2. Credibility in choosing the best electricity and gas company: on the Eligenio platform, for example, the consumer can access the information that is disclosed by Energy Services Regulatory Entity (ERSE), always updated, with the guarantee that the results are credible.

Everything is always up to date to ensure you have access to essential information and identify the benefits you can benefit from.

3. Savings on energy bills: whatever your consumption profile, you can always pay less if you hire the best price for your needs. Achieving some savings is perhaps the main objective when resorting to an energy consultant.

Tips for choosing the best electricity and gas company

There are many options available on the market when it comes to energy supply, but choosing the best contract to do can be a headache.

Hiring electricity and gas means opting for the best savings opportunity – in the short and long term, when contractual relationships are long-lasting -, but the decision must also be seen from the angle of the quality of services and the origin of the energy consumed (more friendly environment or not).

To make the best choice, the ideal is to start with recognize your consumption profile, as a way of deciding the energy power and the natural gas grade to be contracted. From there, you should check the types of tariffs, prices and companies available to you.

If you want to hire electricity and gas, consider your contract options: specific contract, with only one service per contract; or dual contract, for both deliveries in a single invoice.

Electricity tariffs: 3 types

  1. Simple fare: the kWh price is constant throughout the day.
  2. Bi-hourly fee: electricity is paid in two prices, which vary according to the time of consumption. There is, therefore, a lower kWh price for off-peak hours and a higher price for the remaining hours of the day.
  3. Tri-hour rate: there are three periods of consumption, with different prices for the kWh. A lower one for off-peak hours), an intermediate one for peak hours and a more expensive one for peak hours.

To choose, according to your consumption profile, you should observe if there is more need for electricity at a certain time of day, or if consumption is regular throughout all hours.

If you work at home and take advantage of breaks to switch on the dishwasher or vacuum cleaner, consuming energy equally both day and night, maybe a simple tariff makes sense. The same advice applies to those who work in shifts and have different schedules, for example.

If, on the other hand, you work outside the home and take advantage of nighttime windows to carry out tasks that require more electricity, tariffs with different cycles may be the best option for you.

Natural gas tariffs: 4 levels

Determining the consumption scale is a task of the distribution network operator in the area of ​​residence. The calculation is based on the annual consumption values ​​of the domestic consumer.

  • step 1 – for consumption up to 220 m3/year
  • step 2 – for consumption between 221 and 500 m3/year
  • step 3 – for consumption from 501 to 1000 m3/year
  • step 4 – for consumption from 1001 to 10000 m3/year.

Study your contract options, prices and conditions, and avoid having doubts when choosing your energy supplies.

In addition to gathering all the updated information on the subject, referring to the offers of the best electricity and gas companies in Portugal, a energy consultant it is the safest option for comparing different contractual options and deciding on what is best for you.

Energy consultant: an opportunity to save

Quickly and very efficiently, this consultant makes all the information on energy contracts in Portugal accessible – all in a simple, useful and summarized way to the fundamental and most important points. This allows you to save, in addition to money, hours of analysis on kWh prices, types of contracts and legislation.

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