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Which credit card for those who don’t have a formal contract?

A credit card for those who do not have a formal contract may seem far from reachable, since most financial institutions ask for proof of income. However, if you don’t have a formal contract, you can have a credit card.

In this post you will find out everything you need to get your credit card without having a formal contract, in addition to knowing bank options for those who are in this situation.

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Where to get a credit card without having a signed wallet?

Different from what some people think, nowadays it is possible to get your credit card for those who don’t have a formal contract.

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This is because financial institutions care more about other issues, not just proof of income, such as a clean name on Serasa or SPC, in addition to your Score, which is linked to your financial transactions.

Some traditional banks offer credit cards for those who do not have a formal contract, especially for those who are just starting out in life now, such as university students. And many digital banks also allow you to have a credit card without having a signed wallet.

Why do credit cards ask for confirmed income?

This proof of income occurs because the banks need to confirm that the person who applied for the credit card will be able to make the payment later, so it is a way for the financial institution to have some type of protection.

How do I earn the proven influence on the credit limit?

Your income will be directly linked to the credit limit offered by the financial institution. This is because banks, for the most part, use proof of monthly income to define the customer’s limit.

Options without a signed wallet or proof of credit

The time has come to learn about the options for those looking for a credit card without having a formal contract or other type of proof. We separate the ones that are considered better by customers and that approval is not so difficult.

college credit card

Those who are university students and are looking for a credit card, but have no way of proving their income, this is the option. The main banks in the country offer this opportunity to their customers, however, it is necessary to have an account in order to apply for the card.

In addition, you also need to confirm that you are at the university through proof of enrollment. The credit card options are as follows:

  • BB Young;
  • Bradesco Universitário;
  • University Santander;
  • Itaú University;
  • Caixa Universitario;
  • University Ourocard.

If you already have an account at one of these banks, it will be the best choice for your university credit card.

Credit card in digital banks

Another way to get your credit card for those who don’t have a formal contract is through digital banks, since most don’t ask for proof of income.

However, some of these banks will do analysis, which does not guarantee that you will get the credit card on the first try. The most famous banks in this modality are:

  • Nubank;
  • C6;
  • Banco Inter;
  • Pan Bank;
  • Next;
  • Neon.

Most credit card applications at these banks occur through the bank’s app or website. So just enter, fill in the requested information and wait for the bank to return, informing you if you were approved or not.

It is worth noting that most of these banks also do not require you to have a digital bank account, which turns out to be a good differentiator.

store credit card

Some stores also offer the opportunity for you to make a store card, which can often be used in other establishments and it is not necessary to prove income. You can do this in stores like Saraiva, C&A and Casas Bahia. But it should be noted that these stores carry out an analysis before approval.

Prepaid card

Prepaid cards have become another option that does not require proof of income. In this type of card, you deposit money and use it later to pay your bills. However, it is not possible to have a credit limit or to pay your purchases in installments, being possible to spend only what is available on the card.

Can I check income without having a formal contract?

Yes, it is possible to carry out income verification without having a formal contract.

Can I verify income without having a signed wallet

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This can be done in three ways: becoming a MEI, with the presentation of the tax return and by issuing the DECORE.

How it works?

To do this as a MEI (Individual Microentrepreneur) just present the Invoices issued. They will be used as proof of income.

When filing your income tax return, you can prove that you are able to maintain a monthly and annual income that allows you to have a credit card. However, not all financial institutions accept only the income tax return, other documents can be requested.

Finally, you can issue the DECORE (Proofing Statement of Income Perception), which is a statement made by a registered accountant, thus proving that you have a monthly income. This request can be made over the internet, the accountant will only need some of your data to carry it out.

Therefore, there are varied options for those who wish to have a credit card for those who do not have a formal contract. Digital banks can be considered the most common, however, if you prefer a traditional financial institution, using one of the aforementioned ways to prove income without a formal contract can be very useful.

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