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Which credit card doesn’t need to take a selfie?

One of the most adhered security measures for credit cards in the digital environment is to require the user to take a selfie when registering. This process is mainly used for the bank to know who is the person behind that account and to be able to store the necessary data.

However, although a portion of Brazilian banks use this process for credit card security, did you know that there are others that do not require a selfie for registration? Continue in the text and even know a card that does not require this measure.

What this article covers:

Why take a selfie when applying for a credit card?

Initially, let’s put more context on why selfies are required when applying for a credit card. As already mentioned, the main objective is to guarantee greater security for both the bank and the user. Due to the great growth of the bank within the virtual environment, such a security measure was necessary.

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The big problem with selfies is due to several factors, but the main ones are that some cell phones do not have an adequate camera or the chosen bank application itself is not well optimized for this type of service. This makes it difficult for the system to read the photo when creating the credit card and generates many complaints among users.

With all the technological development of recent times, the banking institution uses a database that is not accessible to outsiders. After this step, the institution will compare the requested selfie with the photo registered in the database, in order to verify that both are the same person.

Which credit card doesn’t need to take a selfie?

Since many do not like this step and, in more extreme cases, are unable to carry out their activities because of it, other banks rely on the absence of a selfie when registering a credit card. This is intended to streamline customer activities and make life easier for the financial institution.

As examples of a credit card without a selfie, we can mention Mooba right away, since in addition to not requiring a photo, there are other advantages of using it, as we will see below.

What are the advantages of this credit card?

The first advantage of the Mooba credit card, in addition to the absence of selfies, is precisely the attractive cashback, which draws a lot of attention from customers.

There are reports that this cashback has already reached 25%, a very high number compared to the common one. Finally, this credit card is accepted in many stores, both physical and online.

How to apply for that credit card that doesn’t need a selfie?

Most of the credit card groups that do not need a selfie are available to be applied for mostly over the internet, which is the mooba case?? To order yours, just access the official website of the company responsible for the service and click on the option “I want my card”.

How to apply for that credit card that doesn't need a selfie

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With that, we end the panorama here. We hope that you are now more aware of why selfies are required to register your credit card and that you are now aware of a service that does not require this step.

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