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Which character from the typical Christmas movie corresponds to each zodiac sign?

The character of the signs of the zodiac can be associated with a character from a typical Christmas movie and if you know which one corresponds to you, you may discover that you have more in common with elves, Santa Claus or The Grinch than you imagine.

In the holiday season everyone craves watching a Christmas movie with a cup of hot chocolate and some delicious gingerbread cookies, and while you watch the plot Could you identify with any of the characters that appear there?.

Astrology is a very fun way to find your Christmas soulmate in seasonal moviesand to facilitate our work, the magic of zealcbd.co.uk tells us which character is the one that corresponds to you, according to your zodiac sign.

AriesHarry and Mary from “Home Alone”
March 20 to April 20
The two bandits in the film are brave and determined to do what they want, although they fail time and time again, nothing stops them so their behavior is reckless. Such is Aries, a sign that will stop at nothing to achieve success.

TaurusThe machinist of “The Polar Express”
April 21 to May 21
This sign is trustworthy and persistent, characteristics that can be fully identified in the friendly conductor of “The Polar Express”, who manages to get all the children to the North Pole on time.

GeminiBuddy the elf in “Elf”
May 22 to June 22
The most common characteristics in Geminis are curiosity and kindness, just like Buddy the elf, who loves and cares for everyone.

CancerKaren from “Love Actually”
June 23 to July 22
Cancer is well known for protecting his family, he is loving even though no one agrees with him. So is Karen, who is the most loving and sensitive person on “Love Actually”.

LeoThe Grinch
July 23 to August 22
Leo loves to be the center of attention and drama, and the one who best embodies these characteristics is The Grinch. What this mythical green character loves most is to be recognized, which happens at the end of the film.

VirgoLuther Krank from “Christmas with the Kranks”
August 23 to September 22
While Virgos are tough and practical, they are also kind and understanding. Luther Krank at first wants to avoid the stress of Christmas, but in the end he realizes the importance of celebrating it with his family, undoubtedly a portrait of the personality of this sign.

PoundJack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”
September 23 to October 22
This sign is one of the most peaceful, he wants to avoid a fight at all costs, similar to how Jack tries to save Christmas, although at first out of curiosity he only thought of himself, but he wanted to do something good for everyone.

scorpioScott Calvin from “Santa Clause”
October 23 to November 22
This sign is known for its inflexible mind, but it has very positive traits such as honesty and determination. Scott Calvin didn’t think he was Santa Clause at first, but eventually he recognized it and succeeded in the role.

SagittariusBilly Mack from “Love Actually”
November 23 to December 22
Sagittarius is fun, spontaneous and loves to be with people, which is why his character is associated with Billy Mack from “Love Actually”. His humorous nature and his loyalty to his manager are typical traits of this sign, says Zeal CBD.

CapricornDad Walter from “Elf”
December 23 to January 21
As a responsible and hardworking sign, they often isolate themselves even from their loved ones. This is exactly what Walter, Buddy’s father, experiences in the hilarious Christmas movie “Elf”.

Aquarium Kevin McCallister of “Home Alone”
January 22 to February 18
What does an Aquarius enjoy the most? Definitely her independence, so she doesn’t like being told what to do. For example, we have the nice Kevin in “Home Alone”, who is stubborn and argues with your parents about everything, however, his intelligence saves him.

PiscesArthur from “Arthur Christmas”
February 19 to March 19
Friendly, sensitive and understanding, this is how Pisces is gentle and empathetic, which is why they tend to put the needs of others first. That’s exactly what Arthur Christmas does when he promises to deliver a gift to a girl before it’s too late.

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