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Which card machine accepts contactless payment (NFC)?

Having a card machine that accepts NFC payments can be critical these days. This payment method has become very popular and the tendency is for it to be even more used in commercial establishments. In addition to being convenient and secure, NFC can be significantly faster than conventional card payments.

In this context, having a card machine that has NFC as a receiving option is important for your business. Check throughout the text how this technology works, which card machine on the market works with NFC and how to get one.

What this article covers:

What is NFC?

The term NFC is an acronym derived from the English phrase Near Field Communication. Basically, it means “proximity field communication”, that is, it is a technology where it is possible to transfer data between devices by bringing them closer. These devices can be of many types, such as cell phones, wristbands and the card machine itself.

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In the case of payments made with the card machine, the NFC is activated to send information associated with the purchases made by the customer. In other words, the technology is used, in this case, to make payments for products or services. In practice, it’s a different way of paying that goes beyond the credit or debit card.

How does NFC work on the card machine?

For NFC to work properly in the card machine, it must have the technology installed. In addition, of course, the device with which the card machine will interact at the time of payment must also be familiar with this feature. NFC allows the connection between devices through radio frequency and for this reason they need to be close to each other.

It works like this: when the merchant makes a sale, he needs to pick up the card machine with NFC and enter the amount charged. The customer then brings his own enabled device, such as a cell phone, to the machine. After that, he still has to enter a password and confirm the process. That simple.

Which machines accept approximation payments?

In the market, there are many card machines that have NFC. Famous brands like PagSeguro, Cielo and Mercado Pago are very comprehensive and all their available devices already have the technology. The card machines that currently have the technology are:

  • – PagSeguro (all)
  • – Getnet/Superget (all)
  • – Sky (all)
  • – Mercado Pago (all)
  • – SumUp On and Total
  • – Zettle
  • – InfiniteBlack Smart
  • – SafraPay Smart, 3G With and Without Coil
  • – Network/Pop Network
  • – Stone Ton T2+ and T3

Among the devices that are present in the national market and that do not have the technology, it is possible to highlight the Stone Ton T1, the SumUp Top and the SaraPay Bluetooth.

Anyone who has establishments where it is possible to use the common card machine can request the option with NFC. In fact, it is recommended that more and more businesses and service providers rely on this technology. This is because more and more customers are using this resource to pay for their purchases. Thus, it is interesting to count on this possibility in order not to lose customers.

Where can I request a contactless card machine?

Devices with NFC technology can be requested on the websites of card machine companies. As shown above, most of the devices on the market already have this feature, so it is not very difficult to find one. In any case, an important tip is to research the card machine before ordering one. Thus, it will be possible to know if it really accepts NFC or not.

Where can I request a contact card machine

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What is certain is that this payment system seems to be here to stay. The market has undergone changes and new technologies are always gaining ground. In this context, it is important not to be left behind and also ensure a card machine with NFC.

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