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Which banks use FGTS as collateral for a loan in 2022? Check out!

The FGTS as loan guarantee has become a modality in some banks that allow the request for credit, and each one of them has different values, as well as their low rates that will help in the act of payment.

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Which banks use FGTS as collateral for loans?

Currently, many banks are starting to accept the credit option, however, it should be mentioned that the interest rates tend to vary from institution to institution and you will need to be aware of this type of information to choose the bank that will best meet your needs. .

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BMG Bank

This bank can anticipate the Birthday Withdrawal for up to 5 years, in addition to having a minimum interest rate of 1.99% per month, although the loan amount has not been disclosed by BMG.

Bank of Brazil

One of the most popular banks in Brazil allows you to anticipate the Withdrawal-Aniversário for up to 3 years, and has a minimum amount for this loan of R$ 1,000.00, with a very low interest rate of 0.99% per month.

Savings Bank

Those who are current account holders at this bank may request an anticipation of up to 3 years of the FGTS withdrawal. The amount for this loan will be only R$ 500.00 with a rate of 1.49%.

C6 Bank

Fintech anticipates the Anniversary Withdrawal by up to 7 years, but does not have an informed minimum value, although its rates are lower by 0.99%. By containing a low rate, it will be possible to count on a quieter and less bureaucratic payment.

Financial Harvest

Just like other banks that use this style of credit, Banco Safra gives you the possibility to anticipate 5 Birthday Withdrawals, but it does not have informed values, only its rate, which is 1.99%.

Mercantil do Brasil

This bank allows the customer to request a 5-year Anniversary Withdrawal, but like other banks, they do not have any information on values, only their rate with a percentage of 1.99%.


Different from all other banks, Santander only allows the customer to request an anticipation of the Birthday Withdrawal in the amount of R$ 500.00, and a fee of 1.69% per month, which is one of the lowest fees that can be help you during payments.

These are the main banks that make the loan in advance of the FGTS for workers to be able to make their request, and have complete ease when making payments.

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