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Which are the laziest men of the zodiac, according to astrologers

All zodiac signs can be lazy at some point in their lives, however, there are some who they do their best to avoid responsibility for which they have earned the label of being the laziest.

Men who have a hard time taking care of housework such as washing, cooking or making the bed belong to these signs.. While they are alone, it is not a problem because there is no one who criticizes their way of living, but things change when they are in a couple.

Laziness can be a big problem because in a relationship can place the responsibility on the other person, which, over time, is exhausting. According to a classification of the site MyAstroSecrets.com, we tell you which men are the laziest of the zodiac.

The first place in this unique classification is Sagittarius, men who, although they like to have control of their schedules and they are hardly at home because they spend it traveling or walking in the streetthey tend to be lazy when they must stay at home.

The gentlemen who belong to this sign are the first to sign up to organize trips, adventures and experiences, but they never raise their hands to put the house in order.

Aquarius men hate routines and mundane things, that’s why housework is the one they do the least. They get upset when it comes to dusting, putting away their electronics, and putting books away. They prefer to leave things as they are, which is a problem if they live as a couple.

It is one of the most practical signs of the zodiac, so does the bare minimum to keep household things in order. Work is the priority for these men, so they don’t spend their energy washing clothes or dusting the furniture at home.

Taurus like to live surrounded by comforts and luxuries, so they prefer to pay for someone else to do the housework, but he will not put his hands.

Leo men are very smart to cover their laziness. They begin by underestimating the work of his colleagues, saying that he has to do everything, that is, without his presence, things do not take their course. That’s why when they get home they justify themselves in fatigue or stress.

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