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Which 5 credit cards offer a limit of 3,000?

We often need a credit card with a limit of 3 thousand reais or more to make that specific purchase, or that dreamed trip. However, many cards on the market offer a threshold far below consumer expectations. If this is your case and you want to solve this problem, continue reading this text and don’t waste time.

What this article covers:

Check below the best credit card options for you who want a limit of 3 thousand reais, and of course other advantages and facilities.

Digio Card

The Digio credit card, in addition to offering a limit of 3 thousand, allows you to earn money back with the famous cashback. This card also has a digital account, where your money earns 100% of the CDI.

neon card

Another credit card from the digital account, where you can access everything in the palm of your hand. Neon is one of the most famous fintechsbeing a reference in its segment.

Santander SX Card

The Santander SX credit card is an excellent alternative for those who want to start with a high limit. This is an international card that has great discount programs at partner stores, in the Esfera program.

Iti Visa Platinum Card

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, the Iti Visa Platinum credit card is a great option, as its limit can reach up to 10 thousand reais, without the income requirements that the Black and Infinite versions need.

Will Bank Card

With its Mastercard brand, the Will Bank credit card becomes an attractive alternative, as well as offering an excellent limit. It has a functional digital account, which yields more than savings, paying 100% of the CDI.

It is important to remember that every banking institution carries out a complete analysis of the consumer’s profile, taking into account their consumption history, monthly income and score. However, all the cards indicated above allow you to reach the limit of 3 thousand reais in a brief way, or even right from the beginning, depending on your analysis.

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If you don’t get the desired limit right away, don’t worry, just pay your invoices on time, or even in advance and request the increase. In many cases, the card automatically resets the limit.

To request the cards above, simply enter the institutions’ website and obtain the necessary information for the step-by-step process.

As these are digital accounts, just download the app and create your account, the physical card arrives at your home quickly, but you can use your card digitally through the app even before arrival.

In order not to jeopardize your financial health, there are some guidelines for you to use your credit card with a limit of 3 thousand reais, which you must follow:

  • Do not spend more than you receive under any circumstances;
  • Always pay invoices on time to avoid interest;
  • Do not lend your card to third parties;
  • Make effective spending control, always consult the application;
  • Study financial education.

Fulfilling these requirements, you have everything to have your finances healthy and be able to live with well-being and tranquility.

In the cards mentioned above as good credit options with a limit of 3 thousand, invoices can be paid completely online. They arrive in the email and can be paid by bank slip, or within the app itself with an account balance.

How to apply for a credit card with a limit of 3 thousand

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Don’t waste time and make your credit card as soon as possible, dreams are made to be fulfilled, and these tools are the means to it.

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