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Where to buy Carnival costumes: 4 suggestions

Whether for adults or children, we want to help you find out where to buy carnival costumes funny and fun.

This year, Carnival is celebrated on the 21st of February – and in Portugal it is an optional holiday. Which means that each municipality and company decides whether or not the holiday will be applied.

Despite this, the traditions of this commemorative season are several in our country. There are several people who dress up in Carnival costumes related to a certain movie character, professional category, cartoons or even media characters.

In addition, children also celebrate with very colorful costumes that, as a rule, they wear on Carnival Tuesday and Sunday – but, also, many schools and colleges organize the parades on the previous Friday, which this year falls on the day February 17th.

So, if you like to celebrate this date by dressing up, but you still don’t know where to buy suits for the whole family, stay with us. We have some suggestions.

4 places to buy Carnival costumes

If you like to party and join in the fun, or if you need to know where to buy carnival costumes for the little ones, we help.

There is no doubt that the Carnival parades are one of the highlights of this date. In several cities in Portugal such as Torres Vedras, Ovar, Funchal, Loulé or Famalicão there are several parades alluding to different themes.

Usually, in this type of parade, social criticisms are made alluding to different themes – from politics, football or even television, always based on a sense of humor in order to satirize the state of the country.

On the other hand, schools and leisure associations also mark this festive date with an unforgettable day for children – who, as a rule, love to dress up to live a day of fantasy with their colleagues.

Take a look at the suggestions of online stores where you can buy Carnival costumes efficiently and without wasting too much time. It can be difficult to choose – there weren’t several options.

In this online store you will find suits for adults, children, babies, pets and even for groups and families. So you already know, if you are out of ideas to choose the ideal Carnival costumes, this could be the right place!

So you can have an idea, on the site there are several options available for all tastes. There are several ideas for children or babies, including elf, sonic, police, doctor, naruto, pineapple or even princess and prince costumes.

If your goal is to buy Carnival costumes with a theme for the whole family, there are several solutions: from the Addams family, Avatar, Flintstones or even the 1920s. We have no doubt that they will be a hit at any party, parade or even on the street.

One of the best known places to buy Carnival costumes is the mask. Through the online store you can place all your orders and receive them at your home in just 24 hours – ideal for those who leave this task to the last minute.

Here, you will find a range of costumes alluding to different themes or characters for adults, children and babies alike.

Have your kids expressed an interest in wildly different outfits this year? Does your family intend to dress up on this day? This is one of the places where you will find options for all tastes.

From unicorn costumes, inflatable astronaut rocket costumes, inflatable Rex dinosaur, cupcake, fox with tutu, baby bee, Black Panther, Ladybug and much more. It all depends on what you want and you can even count on a section of accessories to add to the outfit.

This is yet another suggestion of a place to buy Carnival costumes. At the Vegaoo.pt the options are also several and distinct. There are costumes for adults, children and babies.

In addition, if you are looking costumes for couples or groupsyou will also find a tab with various suggestions such as: Batman and Batgirl, Mario and Luigi, prehistoric costume, Harry Potter and Hermione or hot dogs and ketchup.

If what you want is to find facts about famous characters, know that the site has a tab with several options. From Pj Masks, Minecraft, Elsa from Frozen, baby Yoda costume from Star Wars or Woody from Toy Story.

If you don’t know very well what you want, browse the website a little and observe the various options.

In this online store from a 100% national company, you can find Carnival costumes for all ages and even for pets.

Would you like to dress up your dog this year too? And how about a Captain America, Spiderman or even an elf costume? We are certain that it will be an animation.

Regarding the costumes for children, the options go through categories such as professions, classics and heroes, countries and nations, pirates, Indians and cowboys, 60s and hippie, fruits and vegetables and much more.

For adults, there are also plenty of options: there are camera suits with tripod, genie clairvoyant, fork suit, inflatable shark even dinosaur tamer. If you want to buy a comic costume, here are several suggestions.

In addition to this, the site also has a section of facts on sale, in case you want to save some money.

The truth is that regardless of the online store, choosing costumes for Carnival can become difficult – especially when children choose characters from movies, cartoons or games.

To facilitate the whole search process, just access one of these sites and search for the type of suit you are looking for. There are numerous options for all tastes. And don’t forget the most important thing: have fun at Carnival!

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